Cryptocurrency Reading List For Noobsby@ankitkr0
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Cryptocurrency Reading List For Noobs

by Ankit Kumar SinghJuly 8th, 2018
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Hi Sapiens,

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Your ultimate guide to get started with Blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Hi Sapiens,

This is something I have always wanted to write for people who are looking to get started with Blockchain, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. In the past, hundreds of people have come to me and asked how can they get started with Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. In fact, two of them went on to start companies on their own and are doing really well. 😀

Coming back to the topic, just to give you an idea, all these links are very exhaustive and will require a healthy amount of your time. Ready?

Here we go!

Begin Here:-

Cryptoeconomics and Business Models:-

Understanding Decentralization:-

News Resources to follow:-

Newsletters to stay updated:-

Note: This is a very basic guide if you have no idea about what Bitcoin and Blockchain is. Once you get done with all the content here, head straight to Crypto Cannon by Andressen Horowitz blog to explore more interesting things like Dapps, Lightning Network, Bitcoin Scalability, Trilemma Problem, and many other cool things.

I hope you gained some value there. In case you did, don’t forget to show your appreciation by sharing the article and clapping 👏50👏times.

About Me:-

Hi, I am Ankit. I am a professional looking to work with Blockchain Startups across Product, Marketing and Content.

If you’re a Blockchain startup looking for help in above areas, drop me an email at [email protected]. Or you can just DM me on Twitter. 😀

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