Cryptocurrency or Pokemon Quiz — Can you tell which one is which?

With all the new altcoins coming to market, sometimes it can be difficult to know which is a cryptocurrency and which is a Pokemon. Let’s see if you know your stuff:

Question #1 — Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Ripple

b) Squirtle

a) Ripple — Cryptocurrency
b) Squirtle — Pokemon
If you didn’t get this one right, you are in trouble

#2 — Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Lisk

b) Espeon

a) Lisk — Cryptocurrency
b) Espeon — Pokemon
Espeon: A Hindu cat

#3 — Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Silcoon

b) Neo

a) Silcoon —Pokemon
b) Neo — Cryptocurrency
Silcoon: A spiky egg

#4 — Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Digibyte

b) Whiscash

a) Digibyte—Cryptocurrency
b) Whiscash—Pokemon
Whiscash: A dumb catfish

#5— Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Electabuzz

b) Electroneum

a) Electabuzz — Pokemon
b) Electroneum — Cryptocurrency
Electabuzz: An electric creature rockin’ the dad-bod

#6— Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Ducknote

b) Psyduck

a) Ducknote — Cryptocurrency
b) Psyduck — Pokemon
Psyduck: A platypus who forgot his Tylenol

#7 — Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Drapion

b) Augar

a) Drapion — Pokemon
b) Augar — Cryptocurrency
Drapion: The horrific lovechild of a scorpion and a centipede

#8— Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Golem

b) Lumineon

a) Golem — Both a Pokemon and cryptocurrency
b) Lumineon — Cryptocurrency
Golem: A rock ball
Lumineon: A chill fish with red eyes that hangs out by the reef(er)

#9— Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Guppy

b) Cryogonal

a) Guppy— Cryptocurrency
b) Cryogonal — Pokemon
Cryogonal: A metal snowflake

#10— Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Conkeldurr

b) Komodo

a) Conkeldurr — Pokemon
b) Komodo — Cryptocurrency
Conkeldurr: Rockin’ the man-bun since before it was cool

#11 — Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Storj

b) Elgyem

a) Storj—Cryptocurrency
b) Elgyem — Pokemon
Elgyem: A creature with the game Simon on each hand.

#12 — Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Delphox

b) Voxels

a) Delphox — Pokemon
b) Voxels — Cryptocurrency
Delphox: The original Firefox

#13 — Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Fermat

b) Kyurem

a) Fermat — Cryptocurrency
b) Kyurem — Pokemon
Kyurem: A half-fossilized dinosaur

#14 — Which one is the cryptocurrency?

a) Dragonchain

b) Dragonair

a) Dragonchain — Cryptocurrency
b) Dragonair — Pokemon
Dragonair: A flying worm

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