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Cryptocurrency Analytics Tools that Helped me Weather Crypto Winter

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It’s no secret that digital assets are no worse than traditional financial assets.

With the arrival of institutional investors, a lot of cryptocurrency analytics instruments were created. Today I would like to tell you the most popular ones that are used by both professionals and newcomers.

P.s Most of them are entirely free.

1. CryptoCompare

Cryptocompare is an information platform for people who are interested in investing in cryptocurrency and want to know in which deals they earned (and how much), and which deals are not profitable. All your actions with cryptocurrencies (bought, sold) are in one place, where full statistics on the courses are given, the yield of the cryptocurrency is calculated at the moment, you can see the investment portfolios of other participants and much more.

Here you can make your own Crypto Portfolio (Track your Crypto profits)

How do you control your investments?

You need to know how many coins you have and how much they cost. Most importantly, you need to see the percentage of profit/loss on which you are located.
Well, for this, you need a crypto portfolio tool.

P.S Also on the platform, you can find for yourself many other useful features.

2. TradingView

TradingView is one of the most popular websites for technical analysis, as well as a social network for entrepreneurs, investors and traders from around the world.

Here you will find all the information:

GraphicsCryptocurrenciesLive chartsAdditional types of charts — more than 10 display options, including Renko, Kagi, Noughts, etc.13 variants of price behavior.Tools for creating your own strategies in the Pine editorAdditional graphics tools.Indicators of comparisonTrading ideas, where you can share not only your own predictions, and use the ideas from other traders.

Here you can also choose different types of display and timeframes for a chart, set indicators and use various graphical tools, scroll and scale a chart, etc.

This service is excellent for traders who prefer wave, and graphical analysis for market analysis — for this TradingView is equipped with many blanks that are very easy to put into practice.

But there is a particular nuance in the use of this resource — most of the unique tools are available only on the paid version. At the same time, three packages offered — PRO, PRO +, PREMIUM.

An example of technical analysis from the user.

With free use, you will be limited mainly to only some functions for intraday analysis and additional features for more in-depth analysis of the market. However, you will have access to all the standard functions of the platform — over 50 graphical functions, the entire set of underlying assets, a stock screener, a huge database of indicators, demo trading, a comparison of tools, functional price scales and absolutely all standard options.

P.S This tool is more designed for traditional markets than cryptocurrency, which appeared here only recently.


CoinMarketCap is a free online platform for tracking market capitalization, price movements, and trading volume of all existing cryptocurrencies in the market.

On the platform, you can see various, the most significant data on a particular cryptocurrency (historical dynamics of prices, market capitalization, changes in price and volume of supply in the market over the past 24 hours, the total number of available coins, etc.)

This platform can be considered as a kind of cryptocurrency rating in terms of capitalization.

The “Price” column shows prices for a single cryptocurrency coin, and “Available Supply” informs you about the total number of coins available.

As you know, all cryptocurrencies can be divided into those whose coins are already mined in full and those that are still mined (for example, the same bitcoin, the current offer of which is 17 795 100, and all should be mined by about 21 000 000 coins until the 2140 year.). Those coins that are already thoroughly mined are marked with an asterisk (“*”).

P.S Look carefully at the capitalization because it does not always show the correct volume.


Cryptopanic is a news aggregator. It collects various news on cryptocurrencies, ICO, IEO. The service allows its users to evaluate all published news.

The platform is straightforward to use, for example:

The news section will show you the matched news feed. You can also set your monitoring settings;Filter stop words, personalization;Ability to discuss news right on the platform.

Recently they added the ability to vote directly on the platform. Now you can bring any news to the discussion and receive feedback by voting from the entire crypto community of the platform.

P.S I hope in the near future they will make the design better, but on the whole, the platform perfectly copes with its task.


Coinsflare is a public web portal, created and driven by a tightly packed team of Technologists, Crypto enthusiasts and Entrepreneurs distributed across the globe.

Having hundreds of exchanges across the globe selling thousands of cryptocurrency assets is a recipe for information chaos. Developers have made a platform that will help create a technical idea of ​​each project in particular.

Existing websites and portals available today do a fair job of telling us what the overall price and volumes are for a given asset. However, what cannot be easily seen could also be as important.

P.s I hope that the expansion of the functional platform, the appearance thereof forecasts, indexes, and many other useful tools.


CryptoIndex is combining almost everything that is needed for high-grade analytics. Cryptoindex has two interesting tools: Index and Analytic Platform. The AI-based Cryptoindex algorithm is continuously analyzing more than 2000 coins applying over 200 factors, processing more than 1 million signals per second to provide a highly sophisticated index of the top 100 currencies.

First of all, let’s take a look Crypto Index.

Here you can see predictions in the right column. At the top, you can see “prediction” and “last prediction accuracy.” The algorithm performs as an indicator of probable price movement.

Predictions functions currently work very well — you can check out it on the platform. Prediction accuracy ~70% up to 95%.

The central concept of Crypto Index:

Filters for coin inclusionThe coin has a trade history of at least 3 months.The coin is listed on at least one of the exchanges that we collect data from.The coin is not any index, is not fiat-based (such as USDT), is not based on any commodity or other assets that.The coin is not involved in any scam scandal, delisting, or lawsuit.In the event a coin fails to meet any one of our criteria during a period, it is excluded from the index at the beginning of the next period.

Read the full Index Methodology.

Real-Time CryptoIndex Chart

The primary purpose of the crypto index is to create an indicator (Benchmark) by which investors/traders/newcomers could characterize the general direction and “speed” of the movement of cryptocurrencies.

Studying the dynamics of indices helps traders understand the impact on the cryptocurrencies of the individual — if, for example, bitcoin price goes up, then it is logical to expect an increase in the prices of all altcoins. However, different coins are growing at different speeds (and some may not grow at all) — the index helps to understand the general trend of the cryptomarket segment without having to assess the position of many disparate coins.

P.S This index is available on NASDAQ, Google, TradingView and in trading terminals such as Bloomberg, Reuters, SIX-Group.

Cryptoindex Analytic Platform

This is an exciting platform that will help you better explore the various Altcoins. The platform contains much more data than just necessary information about cryptocurrencies and their current market capitalization. Currently, the site provides information on 2000+ different altcoins, with the help of which you can familiarize yourself with their market capitalization, and besides get more information thanks to the fundamental and investment analysis of coins.

The platform also publishes specific price forecasts based on market growth patterns, which can be useful even if you are already familiar with one or another cryptocurrency. All information is available as a beautiful interface.

News aggregator by keyword, date range, etc.

This crypto news aggregation tool helps investors/newcomers/traders to be at the top of the market, and they can easily distinguish real from the rumors.
Such news aggregators collate news from all the major crypto publishers such as:

News(cointelegraph.com, newsbtc.com, bitcoinist.com)Social Media(Telegram channels, Reddit, Slack, Facebook, WeChat, etc.)Web traffic analytic websites(Simularweb, Alexa)

Also, some aggregator tools pull up the news from Twitter/Telegram channels that are already segregated for the investors to analyze.
This way, crypto investors can keep a quick and hassle-free tab on the news of different cryptocurrencies and formulate their strategies accordingly.

P.S The platform combines all that is necessary for a full-fledged crypto-analytic source.


These tools are essential for any investor/newcomer/trader before they decide to put their money in a particular crypto project. I have been using these tools in synergy to find an optimum solution for my investment decisions.

However, using these tools doesn’t mean your profit is guaranteed. It means you are making a more informed decision. Also, using these tools together can be challenging at first, but as you get used to them, you will understand which to use, when and how.

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