Crypto-Streaming is the Web3 Way of Wage-Keeping and it is Better Than You Imagine by@roketo

Crypto-Streaming is the Web3 Way of Wage-Keeping and it is Better Than You Imagine

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Built on Near Protocol, Roketo is able to transfer funds in tiny batches every second, in reality even less.

Payrolls in today’s hi-tech world really don’t make sense anymore. This time-intensive activity redirects labor away from productive tasks towards monotonous bookkeeping and accounts work.

Everyone’s labor is more valuable than that. Thankfully cryptocurrency streams are utilizing today’s technologies to lift payments to a whole new level.

Businesses, freelancers, artists, charity organizations, investment pools are all options for streaming crypto for investing or investments and can be easily accessed and updated simply from both receiver and sender with no third parties.

A solid DeFi solution, here are a few ways crypto streams are changing payments for the better.


Streaming payments from an employer to an employee makes one deal with the monotony of payroll. With Roketo, though, utilizing the company’s easy-to-use platform, business owners can simply choose the flow rate of tokens, which remains constant over time.

It’s flexible too, you can set a monthly, daily, or hourly amount depending on the labor task being performed.

The stream is then always converted to the amount per second, which is the actual amount transferred between accounts. Yes, there are big names offering options for the transfer of cryptocurrencies between wallets, like PayPal and Square to name a few.

However, these established companies have not embraced crypto streams as a form of payment as yet.

Flexibility of choice:

Crypto can be a volatile asset if it’s not a stablecoin. So having a choice in the token you’re paid in can be invaluable. We allow users to pay in multiple cryptocurrencies.

Transfer fungible tokens, stablecoins, bridged from Ethereum tokens to the NEAR ecosystem, are all possible within the contract. This gives employees unbridled control over their finances, and depending on the volatility of certain tokens can be a wise investment opportunity as well.

Fully Decentralized:

Financial institutions are a pain to deal with. The commissions, the exchange rates, and the fees are all just money-making schemes that clients are forced to tolerate.

However, with crypto streams, the process is fully decentralized and built with the best decentralization practices. The services require no third parties and all rules of each stream can be finely tuned at the beginning and reasonably updated while still processing.

Furthermore, the stream runs with a fixed gas fee for each setup. Tokens automatically leave the sender's wallet and are immediately spendable by the receiver.

Restream anything:

Crypto streams are like a set of water pipes connected from one point to another, the liquid running through them is the steady trickle of payments. But what about outgoings?

Bills, the nanny, spending money for the kids? Crypto streams allow users to redirect incoming tokens to any outgoing stream. Restreaming tokens save on gas costs, avoid locking funds and allow users to move away from doing tireless, repetitive transactions.

Point A to Point B transactions can quickly develop into set-and-forget payment networks.

Automatic withdrawals:

The more automated the dull things in life, the better. Roketo has enabled real-time receiving of funds to users' accounts directly.

Based on decentralized cron, it’s possible to call a withdrawal method periodically, up to one minute if needed. What that means is real-time payments can be made instantly, with no wrappers.

Crypto stream services are incredibly flash, however no other competitor on the market has reached that level of solid convenience.

Crypto streaming of digital assets is hugely efficient and enables a new generation of decentralized finance options to flourish. Though still relatively new, the concept could quite literally change how money and crypto exchanges hands.

As more people realize the benefits offered by crypto streams and inform their friends, family, or co-workers, new and more fundamental changes to the wage systems are sure to follow. Crypto streams may surely update our financial system for the modern digital world.

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