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Crypto Gang visits Crypto Valley — the Swiss heart of European Blockchain

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@anton.dyshkantAnton Dyshkant

Opening of the Crypto Valley Conference and introduction by Oliver Bussmann, President of Crypto Valley Association, and one of the top blockchain influencers in the world.

Switzerland is Europe’s answer to the Silicone Valley, Malta, and Singapore. The country offers one of the key hubs for crypto technology development. The majority of infrastructure is located in Crypto Valley within a unique district of Zug. It is the mothership for the blockchain ecosystem. A global center where emerging cryptocurrency, blockchain, and other distributed ledger technologies rise. There, they develop in a highly supportive and safe environment.

Getting to Switzerland was a collaboration of our interest with the support and eagerness of our clients. Anton Dyshkant, the business development director at Crypto Gang, traveled to Crypto Valley to meet and cooperate with our existing clients there. He also had a chance to participate at the International Crypto Valley Conference on Blockchain Technology. Below is a summary of highlights Crypto Gang is most excited to share.

The Event

The 2018 International Crypto Valley Conference was organized by Crypto Valley, and took place on June 20–22 of 2018, in Zug. It brought together attendees from America and Europe to discuss state of the art advances within the Blockchain Technology ecosystem.

Opening of the Crypto Valley conference.

We took part in a truly unique experience. The event only hosted 800 attendees all of whom were industry professionals. These individuals are fully committed to developing the blockchain sphere and are active contributors to its progress.

At the pre-event of Crypto Valley conference arranged by Token Foundry. With Olga Feldmeier — CEO of Smart Valor, a former executive of UBS, Barclays Investment Bank, The Boston Consulting Group (BSG), and a well-known influencer in crypto world.

Among the speakers were representatives from such organizations as: Ripple, Microsoft, Cornell University, Swiss Government, UC Berkeley, IBM Research Zurich, Cisco, Eternity, and many others. Everyone was focused on quality networking opportunities. The event hummed with innovation and exuded creativity sparked by international collaboration.

Listed below are a few of the most notable attendees:

  • Oliver Bussmann — the advisor for top crypto projects (IOTA, Ripple, Shapeshift)
  • Prof. Dr. Emin Gun Sirer of Cornell University
  • Stefan Thomas — the inventor of the Interledger Protocol and CTO of Ripple
  • Dolfi Mueller — the mayor of Zug who vigorously supports the blockchain throughout Switzerland
  • Daniel Haudenschild — head of Swisscom Blockchain AG
  • Richard Olsen — CEO of Lykke
With Richard Olsen, founder of Lykke foundation. Crypto Gang is partnering with Swiss-based Lykke providing branding services to its clients. Apart from ICO services, Lykke is a crypto exchange and a digital wallet for crypto currencies and one of the leading service providers in Switzerland.

The conference covered a wide range of topics. It touched on everything from the future of token economy, fintech, and IoT to smart contract security. Some of the other issues discussed included: identity management, shared data, micropayments, and legal aspects of cryptocurrency infrastructure.

It’s impossible not to comment on the impeccable job the Crypto Valley Association did on planning and carrying out this event. They had never hosted a conference of such size and proportions before, and yet everything from the guest list to the numerous satellite subunits were organized perfectly. The satellite element was especially note-worthy as it allowed industry professionals to closely speak with some of the startups and less known companies within the industry.

Together with a great pal, Shay Gammer, co-founder of Montfort Family Office and COO at Fortune Family Office Group based in Geneva.

The Valley of Crypto Opportunities

Crypto Gang came to Zug with intent to visit the cradle of crypto projects in Switzerland.Here, crypto is supported at a state level. Government officials make it a priority to create the best business climate for crypto currency development. Zug is a pretty small and picturesque place with the population of 28,000. Despite its small size, thanks to favorable regulatory framework and taxes, this region in Switzerland is considered to be one of the most interesting places to launch tech and blockchain projects. Not to much surprise, it has already attracted some of the world’s most renowned crypto companies and organisations such as: Ethereum, Monetas, Bitcoin Suisse, Xapo, ShapeShift, ConsenSys, and Tezos.

With Oliver Busman, President of the Crypto Valley Association, CEO and Founder of Bussmann Advisory consultancy firm, in his office.

We were amazed to discover that almost every resident knew about blockchain, crypto, and the conference. Almost everyone we met had opinions and ideas to share regarding their experience with crypto proving just how significant this technology has become for Zug as well as Switzerland as a whole. As crypto evangelists we strongly hope that very soon other countries will reach this level of crypto interest and awareness. We look forward to the time when crypto communication will enter the mainstream culture of every town out there.

Networking and Communication

At the booth of Bitcoin Suisse together with Nicolai Oster, Head of ICO and Partner. Discussing collaborations between our companies on ICOs and blockchain projects.

For everyone in the crypto community such conferences are a good chance to connect with other professionals and enthusiasts within the industry. It is especially valuable for crypto startups and ICOs as they aim to test out elevator speech and product ideas, gathering feedback prior to launch. It also lets companies meet their investors and future supporters. At Crypto Gang we’re constantly encouraging our clients to travel to such events and network.

One of the satellite events of the conference — “ICO investments”, led by Heinrich Zetlmayer, who is the founder and General Partner of the BVV, and former Vice President of IBM. Crypto Gang is partnering with BVV, Heinrich and their great team.

It was a great honor to be one of the few companies from Ukraine to be part of the international dialogue about main points in the modern niches of start-ups. But what’s more important, we had an amazing opportunity to meet some of our partners and discuss our progress. We also fulfilled our goal of connecting and gaining support from some of the key market players interested in further cooperative partnerships. We are excited to share more details about all these points in upcoming releases so please check back for updates.

Together with Dr. Mattia L. Rattaggi, a great person and a blockchain industry professional, who is a Chair Regulatory Policy at Crypto Valley Association and Founder of the blockchain Advisory and Consulting firmnamed after him.

We also had a pleasure to meet some of our Swiss-based clients and discuss ongoing projects’ activities. We met with Robert Rogenmoser of Securosys. They are based in Zurich and produce hardware and software products that already protect the Swiss Banking System by securing €100 Billion in daily transactions and serving top Swiss financial institutions. We had a chance to discuss their upcoming ICO/ITO project and our progress on designing their ICO/ITO website, whitepaper, and other documents.

With Robert Rogenmoser.
Together with one of the conference attendees, Roland Kask, a marketing professional from Estonia.

We stopped by the office of our good partner agency Lykke and their newly opened location in Zug at Alpenstrasse 9 where we met with Michael Guzik, Victor Solomon and others.

We also met Heinrich Zetlmayer and Luigi Bruno along with the team of Blockchain Valley Ventures. BVV is a new accelerator and venture firm that focuses on incubating, developing, and investing in blockchain-enabled businesses. We are currently cooperating on projects together, and were eager to discuss our progress.

With Deyana Nedeva, Head of Investor Relations at BVV.

Overall, it was a great event! At Crypto Gang we strongly encourage everyone to regularly visit collaborative events in their niche to share, connect, and develop. We hope to see you somewhere in the world soon!

Want to consult on how to make your ICO design great, see our portfolio or chat? Email me on anton@cryptogang.agency.


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