Crypto Gang — Branding and Design to Skyrocket Your ICO by@anton.dyshkant

Crypto Gang — Branding and Design to Skyrocket Your ICO

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Anton Dyshkant

Hi and welcome! We are CryptoGang, a branding and design agency for crypto startups, ICOs, and investment funds. We are an inseparable team of creatives and web developers who love to make things look cool, while achieving our clients’ strategic goals.
What we do?
We help startups and crypto projects build the right message for investors. We know how to make comprehensive visuals that have your project waving goodbye to mediocrity. It makes us happy. We believe in the transformative power of design and visual communication to convey your stories with our ideas.
Why we do it?
Our main task is structuring a project’s visual communication to attract maximum of investors’ interest. This allows the project to achieve its goals and raise money during the ICO, or private sale Lately branding for thousands of startups in the crypto space has been exceptionally mediocre, as hiring top brand strategists, designers and copywriters can be quite tough for a startup. So here we are changing this with our innovative approach and expertise.
What makes our approach different?
We believe design is not about beautiful pictures or a nice web interface. We base our design decisions on intention and project goals. This is what first-class branding agencies do. We bring our vast experience of over 10 years of working with premium brands and exceptional international projects into the crypto industry, taking into account its unique quirks and tasks. In addition to a massive amount amount of planning and strategising, complex projects often require a hodgepodge of skills which only a team of experienced professionals has.
Do your job well and surround yourselves with great people who share the same idea — this is our formula for success.
What is good design?
In good design, every little thing serves a purpose. When we make decisions about design, we don’t focus on individual criteria of “like vs. dislike”, but rather by questions like, ”What message does this design convey?” and “Does this thing solve the task?”. Success of design relies on every micro detail adding meaning to the macro goal. It is thoughtful intent that distinguishes good from mediocre.
Why we love crypto?
Crypto projects have one challenge in common — speed of completion. We do cool stuff and we do it quickly. This creates unique, individual challenges and requires extra effort from every member of our team. We love that the faster we work, the faster the results comes together. Patience was a virtue before crypto markets, and we are not sad about it.
We are here helping you make your design awesome and comprehensive for your stakeholders. We came together believing that innovative projects make for an innovative world.
Want to consult on how to make your ICO design great, see our portfolio or chat? Drop us a line on our website
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