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Crypto Debit-Cards Are the Next Step in Crypto-Adoption.

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With the booming cryptocurrency industry and its loyalists striving hard to introduce digital currency in the mainstream market, the introduction of crypto-debit cards shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The card functions just as a normal bank’s debit card would and allows you to purchase in stores and

We all know that although the number of merchants accepting bitcoins is increasing steadily, it is a little difficult for a normal user to quickly spend BTCs on goods and services.

If you find a merchant which accepts bitcoins directly, then all is well and good.

Otherwise, buying something with BTC involves the tedious process of having to sell BTC on an exchange/OTC, withdraw the fiat, and then proceed to spending it.

Obviously this is not the way crypto-adoption permeates, and hence I think crypto-debit cards will be the next thing to create ripples (pun unintended) in this market.

This could be a great step in helping turn sceptics into believers.

Of the select few companies that allow you to own a crypto debit card, Bitcoin Cash Visa debit card is the most sought-after one, offering good payment options and nominal fees.

The other companies who allow crypto cards include industry leaders like Cryptopay, Fuzex and MoxyOne. Jumping on the bandwagon is Revolut offering debit cards that support various cryptocurrencies.

How about managing your USD, euros and UK pounds along with BTC and LTC, sounds too good to be true? Well, Wirex debit cards allow you to do so and all you need to do is register your account, fund it and get wired!

However, the drawback here is that only Bitcoin Cash of all crypto’s is capable of managing the large number of transactions that the Visa network supports.

The White Company is the latest addition to the long list of 100,000 merchants that accept payments via Bitcoin Cash.

Gone are the days when all you could do with your crypto was boast about it too your colleagues or trade it.

With the introduction of debit cards, a lot of people will be able to accept crypto as a mainstream mode of payment. The idea of a crypto debit card eliminates the use of technology that scared most people from using crypto.

Now, spend your crypto just as you would spend traditionally and put it to actual use instead of just talking about it on your social media. The adoption of these types of cards could actually bring cryptocurrencies to the mass market.

The introduction of debit cards like Bitcoin Cash Visa card, Revolut and TenX could change the way we perceive crypto payments and act as a stepping stone for getting mass acceptance towards

These debit cards will give the user control and help one keep track on all transactions and assure safety of funds.

Spend Bitcoin online and offline for free

The normal cost of a Bitcoin exchange has, now and again, ascended as high as $162.

What’s more, the middle exchange affirmation time can be as high as right around 30 minutes.

Tolerance may be an uprightness, yet that is absurd. With Wirex, exchange expenses and hold up times will be the farthest thing from your psyche.

In the event that you’ve longed for utilizing Bitcoin for regular exchanges like paying rent or purchasing espresso, you’ll realize that high exchange expenses make that outlandish.

Up to this point, spending Bitcoin implied squandering gigantic measures of cash on exchange expenses.

This was the principle leap keeping digital forms of money from achieving standard reception.

With a Wirex installment card, you can spend cryptographic forms of money on the web or face to face with definitely no exchange charges.

We don’t charge you for utilizing your card, regardless of where you are or what you’re doing. You won’t see the distinction.

It’s similarly as speedy and consistent as utilizing your customary charge or Visa.

General information About Wirex

  • The card can be funded from a bank account and one can top up using a debit, credit card or crypto wallet;
  • If a client loses the card it can be blocked on the app, or if both the phone and the card are lost;
  • The card is valid for 3 years;
  • To be approved for the card you need to become a Verified user by submitting a proof of address, however, more information may be required depending on client circumstances.


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