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Kryll: Tired of crypto day trading? Automation is here to help

Kryll lets you build your own automated strategies or use those of others

Do you remember the days before you were refreshing CoinMarketCap every 5 minutes and didn’t have to check it first thing in the morning? Yeah, me neither. Going to work and actually being able to focus on your job instead of ruminating over your crypto investments and looking for every opportunity to see how they are doing and possibly make a quick trade? Long gone. Socializing or pursuing hobbies? Forget about it.

Are we doomed?

Not just yet — every now and again a shiny ICO comes along and promises to change everything. Kryll is a startup that finally seeks to alleviate our suffering.

The strategy building interface

The idea behind the project is really quite simple. The platform allows you to create your own custom automated strategies following a set of conditions of your choosing and built using a simple drag and drop style interface. The strategy flows can consist of blocks of logical operators, signals, variable values (market volume, trends, TA indicators), user notifications, orders.

You can then publish it to the community hub and earn commission for each user that uses your strategy. Alternatively, you can choose to rent some of the best strategies published by other users.

The strategy marketplace

While features like stop-limits and such are useful and can save you from a disaster, they don’t come even close to the same amount of flexibility custom strategies are going to offer.

Kryll provides a sandbox environment where you can test your strategies and see how they perform before you use them for real trades. They will only charge fees on live trading, so you can test and tweak all you like until you’re satisfied.

Add to that the fact that Kryll is integrated with all major exchanges so you can set-up a strategy and forget about it, instead of micromanaging trades between multiple exchanges 24/7.

Ready to dive in?

Kryll is live, and you can sign up here.

Official channels: Website | Telegram | Twitter

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