CoinMetro — The Next-Gen Crypto Platform to Rule them Allby@bbrighton
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CoinMetro — The Next-Gen Crypto Platform to Rule them All

by William BrightonJanuary 9th, 2018
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<a href="" target="_blank">CoinMetro</a> is an ambitious project that wants to bring simplicity and security to the crypto exchange world, and act as an intuitive and user-friendly one-stop platform for both newbies and seasoned investors.

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Review of the CoinMetro platform.

CoinMetro is an ambitious project that wants to bring simplicity and security to the crypto exchange world, and act as an intuitive and user-friendly one-stop platform for both newbies and seasoned investors.

It achieves that by providing instant crypto-to-fiat liquidation, a robust trading platform, and unique crypto investment vehicles. This project is the brainchild of Kevin Murcko, a CEO of already established forex broker FXPIG — well regarded for its transparency and customer service.

Update: Beta will be launched on June 15 and will be shortly followed by a full official release of the platform in early July.

Instant fiat withdrawals, debit cards, and sense of security

Many people are still wary of entering the crypto markets or plain unable to do so due to a lack of ease of access. CoinMetro seeks to solve both of those problems.

On the security front, the platform will actively seek licensing and accreditation in as many countries as possible, similarly to its strategic partner and bigger brother FXPIG.

On the issue with appealing to regular people, CoinMetro will offer instant fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat deposits and withdrawals. Not only that, but they will issue their own CoinMetro debit cards that will provide instant cash withdrawals across millions of ATMs across the world.

None of this is far-fetched, given that thanks to their Forex platform, they already have the contacts and the experience when it comes to dealing with regulators and banks.

The Native COIN (XCM) Token and the Buyback Program

All services and fees on the platform will be paid using their native token COIN (XCM), an ERC-20 utility token. A percentage of each fee payment will be burned, which ensures that supply goes down as trading volumes go up.

To provide market growth and stability to the price of XCM, 20% of FXPIG’s and CoinMetro’s quarterly net profits will be used to buy back XCM.

Traders will receive a range of fee discounts to the base rate of 0.1% depending on how much XCM they hold. That is also on top of the lifetime fee discount that participants in the ICO will get.

On top of that, makers on the exchange will recieve a 0.05% maker bonus.

CoinMetro Price Tracker and Simulator_Track the CoinMetro XCM token price. Includes calculator / simulator of XCM trading volume and price

Bridging Traditional Investing and the Crypto world

Apart from the trading platform a la Binance, Coinmetro will offer unique investment options, such as crypto-ETFs and Tokenized Asset Management (TAM).

Crypto ETFs: You guessed it. It would work just as regular ETFs but for crypto. You can invest into curated baskets of digital assets, sorted by criteria like risk profile, industry, and social media scores.

Facilitated by the COIN (XCM) token, Tokenized Asset Management will enable users to invest in professional managers’ portfolios, based on their trading performance, and the professionals benefit from getting a commission.

Token Sale and Registration

The token pre-sale is going on right now, giving you a chance to enjoy extra bonuses and lifetime discounts. It is hardcapped at 50M tokens. The main token sale will begin on Feb 21st, and is the hardcap is set to 300M, with price increasing for every 50M sold.

How to register for the sale?

For a chance to win 5000 XCM, visit (affiliate referral link) and “Sign Up” to create an account. (or follow my step-by-step guide on how to register)

To get in touch with the team, join their Telegram. The team is incredibly responsive.

Update: The pre-sale is now over. There will be pop-up token sales showing up before the main token-sale event that begins on Feb 21st. Those will be announced on

None of this is financial advice & I’m not a financial advisor