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Creating Content is Like Creating Art

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There are people who do, people who talk, and then people who write. I fall into the third category… Contrary to what many think, it is the most difficult of the three…

For a writer, the primary job is to tell a good story… Not once or twice, but several times over… And, to transform every subject you write about into a piece of art.

Yes, ‘good’ content has the same power as any other art form. Like art, content tells the story of its times — it puts people, places and products into context, and attempts to create lasting value.

Most importantly, powerful content has the ability to move the audience. The famous call to action or CTA in content marketing is precisely that. The reader or viewer gets so convinced by the content, that the next natural step is to click the share or buy button.

Content marketing is becoming a necessary part of the social media management for most companies. It increases visibility and also sales… The power of content marketing is seen across sectors and industries, and from startups to established organisations.

There are many shades and nuances to the multi-coloured palette of content... But at its core, it should do the following things:

Communicate your reason for existence

Content should first and foremost articulate your company’s vision and mission. Through the pieces of information you send out, you essentially tell the world what you do, how you do it, and why your product or service makes a difference to the lives of others.

Content shouldn’t just display your products or services, or list their benefits — like traditional advertising — it should create a whole immersion into your world… By telling its own unique story, a brand can give the consumer an insider’s view of its vision.

Richard Branson does this well. He brings out several elements like his company’s people and culture, his quest for innovation and adventure, even his own dreams for a better world in his blogs on Virgin.com

In a recent blog, he wrote: “The key to great marketing is storytelling. And as Hollywood, Bollywood and the books and magazine industries demonstrate, nothing sells better than a great love story.”

Form a deep, long-lasting connection with your audience

Content should create a great connection with the reader, a connection that stays. If you’ve told a story well, rest assured it will not be forgotten soon. In fact, it may just get narrated to others…and the content will live its own life.

In an age of content sharing, where everyone wants to share something new, the pieces of content that go viral, are those that resonate with the audience.

But how does one connect with an audience, build a rapport and then sustain it?

The first step is to dialogue with your audience. Don’t just converse about the weather and politics…open up and say what’s in your heart and mind from the get go. The digital space is one where web visitors will click on something else in less than 20 seconds if they don’t like what they are reading.

The idea is to give them something that isn’t mundane, something that startles them, and holds them till the end.

Most importantly, the conversation you have with your audience needs to be an honest one. They should get a glimpse of the artist’s soul… Only then will you build a bond of trust, be able to have an authentic conversation, and truly reflect what you and your brand stand for.

The internet is a no holds barred space. Get rid of your conservative tone. Be bold and be sure.

The canvas of content marketing is a vast one… But it can help you make a statement that is distinct…and that is you. So pick up that pen, mic, design software, or camera, and start creating art of your own!

And, if you need any help, feel free to reach out to me.

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