Create IoT projects programming with JavaScript

Create IoT projects programming with JavaScript

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Obniz from CambrianRobotics, Tokyo is a cloud-connected IoT development board. You can program on the web browser of any smartphone or computer and the command is sent to obniz through internet. By connecting the Obniz to the cloud through wifi, users can remotely control devices that are physically connected to obniz.

The Japanese start-up raised funding through Kickstarter. Commercial sales of Obniz began in May 2018 and obniz is now available on Amazon USA and obniz website.

obniz has 12 In/Out ports and embedded WiFi-BLE module. Functionality can be configured through the APIs on obniz cloud — REST or WebSocket API. Obniz can be programmed using any language including JavaScript.

Not only simple IO on/off but also UART, I2C, BLE etc can be used by remotely controlling obniz via internet. All you need to do to connect obniz is to input unique ID by scanning QR code. Complicated processes are done by obniz and its cloud. You can just start programming in HTML, browser and circuit have already been integrated. If you write a program to collect sensor values , you can make a chart of the values easily.

You can control devices connected to Obniz from anywhere using the internet if obniz is connected to WiFi. No need for wired cables to connect Obniz to internet or computer.

For example, by using obniz, you can transform your smartphone into air conditioner remote control and control the air conditioner from anywhere. By connecting the temperature sensor to obniz as well, you can check the room temperature and turn on the air conditioner even when you are not at home giving true meaning to the term ‘remote control’

Obniz is suitable for software engineers who do not have hardware engineering experiences. Obniz’s powerful driving capabilities and internal safety mechanism allow you to directly connect devices such as motors to the obniz without concerning yourself with the complex circuitry required to support the drive for such motors. Obniz has 12 IO and every IO can drive up to 1A.

This is the robot car controlled by a smartphone.

Since obniz can be linked with other web services such as Dropbox, Twitter and Open CV, the variety of DIY projects that you can create are vast and allow you to engage your imagination. For example, you can create fun projects such as moving a flag anytime you have got a comment on your twitter, open cv drawing camera, uploading to or downloading from dropbox.

More projects are available on obniz website.

To start your DIY electronics projects, all you need to do is to follow the three steps: Connect obniz to wifi, connect devices like LED or motors to obniz, and scan QR code of Obniz and start programming. Obniz website provides lessons and various sample programs for beginners as well. You can start various projects by just copy and paste now.

For more information on obniz, please visit obniz website or obniz page