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Covid-19's Silver Lining for Digital Content Marketers

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@fahimfaizan fahim

I write content for Internet. And I read for myself.

The Coronavirus Pandemic is not an opportunity, I know. But I personally believe in looking for the "better" sides, even in the worst-case scenarios (Thanks in large part to The Alchemist Quotes, I guess.)

When I look around and read articles like these, I see a massive opportunity for digital marketers.

Right now, foot traffic has been reduced a lot, and the only way to reach the customers is the INTERNET.

The same Internet that was becoming "the best communication channel" is now becoming the only communication channel.

The sudden traffic surges on that (kind of) forgotten Facebook app is a sure indication of people's need for a place to go during these strange times. 

Things people need at this time of Social Isolation:

  1. Content with which to engage
  2. Platforms on which to post content
  3. Tools to make that content

Engaging Content

There are Netflix, TV, YouTube, Prime, and many other streaming platforms to provide cinematic content.

Yes, some people are eating that content like a hungry cow, but there is a large number of people that are demanding the more curated content.

There, Instagram and Facebook accounts are taking full advantage.

More and more brands are going live to engage the consumers.

The apps that give "Live" options are seeing that people are going live more and more.

Reddit has started "Imposter Game." It is nothing but a way to engage the user in some activities, or else they would move to some other platform that is more engaging.


Do something that makes the audience a participant and not a mere viewer.

Ideas: Going Live, Quiz, Competition, Debates, Online Events

Platform to post content


People have become content creators themselves. 

As the younger brother of my friend has started a YouTube Vlog.

One of my friends is a streaming Game on Facebook. Another friend is making TikTok videos.

Ajit Gupta is making his portfolio site to learn web development while I am trying to learn affiliate marketing by making the site on Best Digital Watches.

Then some people were in the content, but now they are more active than ever and also making content for FoodBlogging.

We are looking at the rise of user-generated content that brands can utilize for there own benefit.

Why is it different now?

Because now the user-generated content is made specifically to create.

The content consumer has become a content creator. 

You had to get them now before they turn loyal to another brand.


Keep looking at the content, and publish them on cross platforms. Encourage your evangelists to create more content for you.

Ideas: Give publicity to them, Promote them, Display their work on your profile

Tools to make that content

Finally, content creators need the tools to create the content.

How can an organization help them?

Well, you can help them by offering them the tools.

But what kind of tools?

How about an online course on "How to set up lighting for homemade video?"?

Will it help your customers to create better content for you.

But it is easier said than done.

That does not mean people are not doing it.

Nikon has started a free photography course. And they are using their camera, of course. You understand what that means.

This is another excellent opportunity for marketers. Provide the tools to the budding creators now, and make them a lifetime partner of yours.

Let me give a funny example now.

Digital Marketer, want to start a YouTube channel now. Then a video software company gives them a license for six months -- FREE. And they use it for three months and make lots of content with it.

Then who is in profit now.

The Brand is. They are acquiring a customer that has a substantial colossal lifetime value.


Prepare your evangelists to create content for you.

Ideas: Give them tools, software, free training, and guides. Teach them.

Final Words

Despite the dark clouds roaming on the world, the IT and indoor world is still working.

Keep changing to remain ahead in the game.

What do you say?


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