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Could a Browser Wreck the App Economy?

Due to the slowness of conventional mobile browsers, companies have historically turned to apps as a better option for accessing content, playing games and streaming videos on smartphones and tablets. In fact, the tech industry has been brainwashed to think companies need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars creating and maintaining apps to reach customers.

The truth is, they’re better served by redirecting those resources to their website and then leveraging a browser like CloudMosa’s Puffin, which recasts the equation by using remote data centers ― not the limited electronics of a phone ― for processing. Puffin’s 80 million mobile users essentially gain the power of an entire server room at their fingertips.

With smartphones all but permanently attached at the fingertips of every user, apps have completely ingrained themselves into our culture. Our team recognized that in order to prove cloud-based browsers are superior, we’d have to beat apps at their own game.

Enter: CloudMosa App Wizard, which automatically creates an Android-like “app” in less than a minute via website URL.

The result isn’t a traditional app. Instead, they’re direct links to selected websites, running on CloudMosa’s cloud technology. You can test them by using the sample “apps” like — Puffin for Facebook, Puffin for Amazon, and Puffin for Instagram — which function just like their namesake only with five times the speed and 80 percent less data usage.

With a cloud-based browser, mobile users don’t need to download app updates and developers can focus on maintaining website efficiency. This not only saves time but money and network bandwidth. The cloud also helps protect users from typical security threats, because users are kept at arm’s length from the Internet.

We challenge app developers and content providers to do a side-by-side comparison of their app and the Puffin equivalent because the superiority of Puffin is clear.

The future is simple: clear your home screen of idle apps, and access those websites using a wicked-fast, cloud-based browser instead.

Please put CloudMosa’s App Wizard to the test and tell us how it goes in the comments below.

You can download one of the existing Puffin Power Apps for Android or make your own at

Shioupyn Shen
President & CEO

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