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Chap. CCVII.—A Precept. Figures will have more grace, placed in the open and general light, than in any particular or small one; because the powerful and extended light will surround and embrace the objects: and works done in that kind of light appear pleasant and graceful when placed at a distance, while those which are drawn in a narrow light, will receive great force of shadow, but will never appear at a great distance, but as painted objects. Chap. CCVIII.—Of the Interposition of transparent Bodies between the Eye and the Object. The greater the transparent interposition is between the eye and the object, the more the colour of that object will participate of, or be changed into that of the transparent medium. When an opake body is situated between the eye and the luminary, so that the central line of the one passes also through the centre of the other, that object will be entirely deprived of light. Chap. CCIX.—Of proper Back-grounds for Figures. As we find by experience, that all bodies are surrounded by lights and shadows, I would have the painter to accommodate that part which is enlightened, so as to terminate upon something dark; and to manage the dark parts so that they may terminate on a light ground. This will be of great assistance in detaching and bringing out his figures.
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