My cover letter submission for the ConsenSys developer program (2018) by@carlosbeltran

My cover letter submission for the ConsenSys developer program (2018)

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Carlos Beltran

Software Engineer

ConsenSys Academy is focused on educating the next wave of Ethereum developers.

I’m considering applying, although there’s a $1k price tag on the course. But I mean… there isn’t a price tag on being able to develop on the biggest open-source project in distributed systems — Ethereum 🔥

You have till June 4th to apply:

Below is my cover letter submission. Thought I’d repost it here as it reveals a bit about me and why I’m in the space.

I’m a software engineer who’s passionate about building cool shit. I’ve gone from mobile game development, to building web applications, and now working with blockchain technology. I’m fairly young, so I wasn’t around during the early days of the internet. I wasn’t a developer yet when Apple opened the iPhone to developers with the App Store. And I don’t know where I was in 2009, but I wasn’t buying Bitcoin. Although I wasn’t around for any of those opportunities, I think being a Solidity developer is my big break.

By day, I’m a software engineer at the coolest French startup in New York — Aircall (we’re hiring btw, just ask!). The product is a voice platform for business, built on a fairly complex Ruby on Rails stack. By night (okay — when I’m not out clubbing, playing pool, or exploring the city) I like to code decentralized applications and read about the progress other projects are making; two of the most interesting ones being Spankchain and 0x Protocol. I’d like to think that being early to the game (a decentralized Internet) will only be beneficial to my career.

Whenever I’m asked to describe myself, I like to choose three words. Ambitious. Hacker. Chill. I’m a driven person who sets high goals only to shatter them and set even higher ones. I hack life by living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. But at the end of the day, I’m a laid back person who enjoys wine on rooftops as much I enjoy staying in and binging Mad Men (for the third time). So how would I benefit from this developer program? I’d grind those 8 weeks, come out a more knowledgable blockchain engineer, and use it as a trajectory to set higher goals and build cooler shit.

Well there you go. I guess it could’ve been more formal but hey — I’m not your average dev 😎

If you’re in NYC — let’s grab a beer! Always up for some blockchain conversations (but not about your investments 🙏). I’m on twitter.


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