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11-50 employees
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Since 2015
ZIBRIO is commercializing space technology to save the world from falling down. Falling is the #1 reason for trauma death, resulting in $50B in medical costs every year—and projected to double in 10 years. The ZIBRIO Stability scale is a quick, easy way to measure weight, balance and fall risk by simply standing. A precision measurement, the balance score predicts if you will fall down in the next 12 months, and gives your risk trajectory for the next 30+ years. Personalized physician recommendations to help patients improve are provided in accompanying software. With use of ZIBRIO technology, a 74% reduction in falls was observed, which translates into billions of dollars in cost-savings. When managing yourself or a population, ZIBRIO is changing the game. You no longer have to wait 12 months to see if an intervention has worked, you can see real time changes in risk and adjust treatments accordingly.




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