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11-50 employees
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Since 2020
Wealthyhood is the first DIY wealth-building app for long-term investors. 💸 We guide long-term investors to build their wealth over time by intelligently 🧠 investing their money, the way they want, with fewer fees. Through the perfect mix of personalisation and automation, even beginner investors can navigate the stock markets and put their money to work for them, like the top-1%. Wealthyhood rationalises the way you invest with: - Smarter tools to develop, finetune 🎯 and automatically maintain your investing strategy and wealth-building mindset. - Personalised insights 🧐 to invest in what matters to you and achieve your individual goals. - Fewer fees, as every £ you don’t pay in fees compounds to its full potential in your portfolio. Wealth-building is a marathon, not a sprint, and Wealthyhood helps everyday investors run that race! 🚀 👉🏻 Start investing now: Capital at risk.




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