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Snippyly (YC W22)

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11-50 employees
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Since 2020
JS SDK to add powerful collaborative experiences into your product ridiculously fast! Today, 99% of all online tools we work with are siloed and not collaborative. For example: If I have a question on a dashboard, I cannot ask it inside the dashboard. I have to leave the dashboard and goto a 3rd party tool like zoom or slack to collaborate. It makes no sense. That’s why we built Velt. We’re a team of ex-Googlers. We've launched products like Augmented Reality in Google Search & Maps. Like Okta is to Auth, Algolia is to Search, Velt is to Collaboration. We are building the collaboration infrastructure for the internet. We imagine a future where you can collaborate with anyone from anywhere. Velt will make the world more collaborative & build more great things together. Come join us in this exciting journey ahead 🚀 See our open roles at:




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