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### What is the problem\n\nThe market of services for residential landlords is broken:\n\n- Extractive fees: low value added agents charge landlords too much\n- Massive fragmentation: landlords deal with a different agent for each problem they encounter\n- Horrible experience: agents lack organised easy to understand journeys\n\n---\n\n### How do we solve the problem\n\nWe are building a property management platform and a one-stop shop where residential landlords can find everything they will ever need:\n\n- Rent collection with embedded insurance\n- Their next mortgage deal\n- Life \u0026 buildings insurance\n- Compliance checks\n- Tools for tenant find, market valuation, document storage and digital tax\n- Quick and easy access to any type of home repairs\n- The best education through\n\n---\n\n### Why work for Mashroom\n\nYou’ll be redesigning an industry from the ground up, working and solving hard problems with brilliant people and experimenting high growth from the front row




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