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11-50 employees
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Since 2021
Karla is on a mission to reshape the frustrating post-purchase experience by making e-commerce delivery simple and enjoyable for consumers, online shops and carriers. Tedious post-purchase experiences, such as insufficient transparency, inaccurate delivery times and complex product returns, negatively impact customers' online shopping journey. The Karla team envisions a future without a frustrating post-purchase experience in online-shopping. Our solution enables merchants, carriers and consumers to communicate throughout the entire post-purchase process - all in one simple application.No stress. No mess. All your deliveries where you want them. Consumers get an intuitive overview of all deliveries, can easily manage them and adjust individual delivery details.The experience will go beyond the delivery and unboxing moment all the way through returns, refunds, claims, questions and potential repurchases in future to elevate today’s online shopping experiences. Our product will be launched later this year. However, you are welcome to sign up at to be one of the first to experience HAPPY DELIVERIES.




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