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51-200 employees
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Since 2017
Fretron-India’s #1 cloud-based collaborative Transport Management System, is on a mission to take freight online. With an intention of solving complex problems in the logistics ecosystem, Fretron came into existence in 2017. Founded by top-notch industry experts, Puneet Agarwal, Swati Agarwal and Sunil Dhaker, Fretron takes your logistics business from MIS reports to complete digitisation, helping companies in end-to-end automation of business processes. Puneet Agarwal comes with an extensive experience of 25+ years in the logistics and technology domain. An ISB alumni, Puneet has successfully led technology teams at organizations like Daffodil Software and CJ Darcl Logistics. IIT graduate Sunil Dhaker, co-founder & CTO of the company brings 7+ years of immense product experience. He has a knack of building consumer centric products from scratch. Fretron’s young & enthusiastic team of dedicated product & technical experts are leveraging high-tech technologies to provide the logistic industry with automotive order & dispatch planning, yard management (in-plant monitoring), fleet management and digitised billing & invoice settlement. Since inception, Fretron has earned the trust of 100s of top-notch Indian industry leaders including VMart, CJ Darcl, Jindal industries, Exide industries, DHTC and so on.




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