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Dover Corporation provides equipment and components, consumable supplies, aftermarket parts, software and digital solutions, and support services worldwide. The Engineered ...

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24000 employees
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Since 1955
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349094 at Alexa

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Diversity in the Workplace: A Challenge for HR
Published at May 06, 2022 by narendrar
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Ethereum's Client Diversity Problem
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Does Hiring for Culture Affect Diversity?
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Diversity in Gaming: Art & Design that Reflects Reality
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Diversify Your Digital Footprint Today!
Published at Oct 05, 2021 by linh

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Record 47 deficiencies found on P&O's Pride of Kent
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Detained P&O Ferries ship had record number of deficiencies
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Dover shareholders accept grain firmโ€™s bid
Published at May 01, 2022 by AGCanada
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Dover Corp
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Fire at Inca Presswood Pallets starts in machinery
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