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BYD Company Limited, together with its subsidiaries, engages in the rechargeable battery and photovoltaic, handset components and assembly, and automobile businesses worldwide. ...

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229154 employees
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Since 1995
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261933 at Alexa

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Speeding Up Uber’s Presto with Alluxio - Part 1
Published at Jun 02, 2022 by bin-fan

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EV Company News For The Month Of June 2022
Published at Jul 02, 2022 by Seeking Alpha
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BYD recall confusion clouds EV maker's image
Published at Jun 30, 2022 by Automotive News
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The rise and precarious reign of China’s battery king
Published at Jun 29, 2022 by Ars Technica
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BYD EVs to be sold through Eagers Automotive
Published at Jun 28, 2022 by whichcar

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