Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures: A Poem  by@singularpoet

Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures: A Poem

There's still some cases of malware always-alarmed-and-on, always large-in-scale in sight and run via spray pray on-site.
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There's still some cases of malware always-alarmed-and-on, always large-in-scale in sight and run via spray pray on-site.

Continuing the pernicious part proactive private network on their strain-scan; vigilance surges segment leaders cloud bursting by scope-scale suspicious scan.

A step, one back air-gap gapping far ahead— A combination, two-third, learnt unauthorized; by one time-series reaching authorized capacity could or can reinfect reality's ransomware; the third turned the paired quarantine containment.

As phased past playbook worth noting as multi-cloud routed to data-driven multi-layered metadata alongside enterprise-grade multi-phased multi-factors.

There's still that sector's service as infrastructure, that third third-category platform just as.

The long-run insight looms large-scale observability, due deed detecting deleted defenses; be that brought burstable necessity to strengthen internal encryption, be it verified recovery hunting compromising investigations.

That file-free level of firewalls lain layer data detecting anomalous suspicions as vulnerable vulnerability.

In that-those reinfected infectious threat spread across third third-party volumetric combinations in itself. That own and only regulated data-trust responds towards automated high-fidelity much as may; increasingly high-confidence as signal technique ignoring low-latency models.

There's still some IP fluctuations, the reputational and anti-shifting malware in flight; the tamper-proof overflow at rest.

The intelligent past intrudes clean copies with little traction on-premise; a previous key point harnessing hybrid throughout the web-enabled threat landscape. A blast radius permitted by behavioural-based virtual approach classifies role-based near-next-generation control.

Yet still, there are anomalous endpoints both-best for compatibility, the system's operation application wide-level drill down reports object-level content-contexts to comprehensive business-grade troubleshooting IOCs.

Time and again-still, the critical-crucial data is still secured.

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