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CODEX — Tokenized Ecosystems

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A SingularDTV Research and Design Lab Dedicated to the Development of Tokenized Ecosystems

By Zach LeBeau, CEO of SingularDTV

I am pleased to announce the formation of CODEX, a research and design lab dedicated to the development and proliferation of “Tokenized Ecosystems”, with specific focus on the continued addition of complexity and functionality to SingularDTV’s SNGLS token.

If Bitcoin and the altcoin boom can be considered the first stage of blockchain technology, Ethereum and ERC20 tokenized ecosystems will be the second stage. This shift will happen en masse over 2018 and 2019. Gone will be the altcoins that serve no real utility or purpose. Gone will be the altcoins built on chains with such low dev power they never really had a chance of becoming scalable. By 2020, altcoins as we know them will be pushed out of the crypto-sphere and replaced with ERC20 tokenized ecosystems. We’ll be firmly rooted in the “The Age of Tokenized Ecosystems”. Ethereum will be the predominant blockchain and a renaissance of Dapplications will spread across the world into multiple industries. CODEX will aid in the design, development and deployment of the next generation of these complex, safe and secure tokenized ecosystems and programmable ERC20 tokens.

The genesis point for SingularDTV’s development ladder is the tokenized ecosystem. More specifically, it’s the “Smart Contract System” (SCS) that runs a tokenized ecosystem. Most specifically, it’s the “Token” within the SCS that is programmed with the functions and attributes of an “idea” — an idea that is placed on the blockchain and turned into utility. In order to grow the SingularDTV ecosystem into an entertainment economy, ever increasing functionality and complexity needs to be programmed into the SNGLS token.

The tokenized ecosystem, SCS and programmable token are the evolutionary elements that will proliferate decentralization in the first great phase of blockchain tech and Ethereum adoption. People are amazed at the rise of ETH in Q1 of 2017, just wait…

From time to time we are approached by various entities asking us to advise them on building their tokenized ecosystems. It’s been policy to turn these offers down so they don’t interfere with SingularDTV’s focus of building a decentralized entertainment industry. B2B — business to business — applications are not in the best interests of SingularDTV and do not contribute value to our economic model. We are building a “retail” platform. We are building a platform for the people — individual artists and creators. But on very rare occasions, an entity will come along with such a great idea and whose development ladder fits in perfectly with ours, while at the same time adding substantial value to SingularDTV. In these rare cases of synchronicity we feel obligated to form partnerships. CODEX is the place where these partnerships take place. And while we cannot announce any of these specific partnerships yet, we can announce the formation of CODEX.

CODEX will ensure SingularDTV’s Rights Management Gateway will continually be upgraded with different classes of SCS, each with increasing functionality and complexity. This complexity must be tested to the maximum before it can be released into the “wild” — we all know what happened with the DAO — and by “wild” I mean when we start to implement public, open-source and community testing. We operated in a similar manner last year, pre-token launch, when the most basic machination of CODEX was represented by Milad Mostavi, Joseph Chow and Stefan George. Their amazing work and detailed testing in a closed environment led to a SCS that when released for public scrutiny — despite bug bounty rewards of up to 30 BTC each — lead to zero bugs or security issues found. This type of testing environment and convergence of the best SCS developers in the world is what CODEX aims to achieve. It will help ensure the highest standards SingularDTV can adhere to with regard to deploying new classes of SCS for our Rights Management Gateway.

While “Vrs. 1” of our Rights Management Gateway will offer the simplest of SCS functionality, CODEX will ensure that a dedicated team of developers will continually add functionality to an ever increasing library of SingularDTV smart contract systems. And yes, developers are being hired to work solely on this endeavor. Developers from other projects are also being invited to advise and contribute so that they can also benefit from the new and powerful classes of SCS being created within CODEX. We hope these new systems will become the standard for various endeavors involving ERC20 tokens and Ethereum. A rising tide raises all ships. This continued innovation and addition of functionality to the SCS and token will give SingularDTV an extremely robust, versatile and powerful platform.

While the seed of CODEX was first planted in 2015, it didn’t become crystal clear to us until the formation of our CODE structure in May of 2016. And now, with key strategic partners coming aboard, and with the addition of resources SingularDTV has accumulated from the rise of ETH, CODEX can be realized in a way that brings significant value to our development ladder while at the same time cementing CODEX as another generator of revenue for the SingularDTV ecosystem.

We look forward to updating the community as more CODEX developments become available. The formation of CODEX adds significant value to the SingularDTV ecosystem and our mission to lay the foundation for a decentralized entertainment industry.

CODEX is a private laboratory that will service SingularDTV and a select group of enterprise clients/strategic partners. CODEX will not be a public facing entity with a website. CODEX is part of the SingularDTV group of international companies and is organized in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico where it benefits from an array of tech, tax and business incentives. Puerto Rico is an important location for SingularDTV, and where the bulk of Singular the sci-fi series will be shot and produced.

Zach LeBeau, CEO of SingularDTV


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