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Codelingo: Making Software Development Fun Again

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Developing good software is hard.

You’re on a development team, the backlog’s a mile long, team members are overloaded and you’re left making best guesses on how to work with the codebase.

At Codelingo we’re aiming to change all that.

Our purpose is for our tools to free developers from solving problems within their code so they can instead spend time solving the problems of the world.

Great software is the product of a team that holds themselves accountable. Linters and peer reviews are the standard tools for this job, yet there are problems. Off the shelf linters only catch some issues generic to the language. Peer reviews are time consuming and easily miss issues.

We need a generalised linter and workflow automator — a light-touch way to encode knowledge and practices so they can be shared and easily updated at scale … enter Codelingo.

By quickly capturing both knowledge and practices, Codelingo unlocks the ability to automate dev workflows such as code reviews with project specific patterns, quickly and easily. It’s three steps to get started:

1. Install the github app
2. Commit a codelingo.yaml file to your repository
3. Add or Write Tenets to safeguard your codebase.

Every new pull request will be checked against the Tenets of your team. Use the online playground to write your own Tenets quickly and easily or import Tenet bundles from the community. Download the lingo CLI tool to analyse any Git repository on your local machine.

Take back charge of your development, automate the stuff no one likes doing and get back to the creative development you and your team love.

What Next

Expect us to get a lot more noisy in the near future. In the meantime, follow us on twitter @codelingoapp and get started with the github app. Lot’s more coming soon!

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