cmd meltdown: I know that command!

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@souravraySourav Ray

Command meltdown

Can you relate yourself to him? I can!

Over the years I have tried few nifty hacks to stay productive with command line tools. I tried to keep my terminal history clean, by padding white space on repetitive commands. Maintained a bunch of .sh files for fancy one-line commands. Kept useful commands in shared note.

It was fine for a while, but soon I ran into trouble. I started working on multiple devices and realized that command line histories are not portable. Shell scripts need to be backed up in a version control system and searching capabilities are very limited. Plus, Shared notes tend to become messy pretty easily.

But I will prevail. I am trying to find a better solution to this problem. This is where I need your help making terminal way more efficient. Please fill out this two-minute survey or drop a comment below.


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