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Chrome Extension for Learning English

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English Teacher, Father of two

With this browser extension, you can mark and save the words you donโ€™t understand while using your favorite online sites.

Burning vocabulary is a brand-new system designed to help anyone accessing the web to improve their vocabulary in a snap.

Mark words on BBC News

If you regularly use social media and you would like ongoing corrections for your posts, the browser station can work in the background as you are typing your latest post or reading through content online. If you ever need a quick explanation on a word or you would like to receive a bit of vocabulary help as you are typing, the application can provide you with an ongoing guide in a pop-up menu.

As you are typing or reading a sentence, you can simply right-click any sentence in your browser to get a drop-down menu on the definition, translation, and some other synonyms that you could be using.

This tool can help you to expand your English vocabulary, improve your ability to communicate, improve your ability to understand content online, and more.

Vocabulary Calendar

Burning vocabulary makes the process of learning your favorite vocabulary on Twitter or Facebook, a very natural process. The tool can be extremely useful for anyone that regularly communicates online for business or for anyone that is interested in improving their English vocabulary for free.

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Free online instantly friendly dictionary, an extended premium version is also available. Here is the Chrome web store package.


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