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Chinese student yell for freedom of speech with blockchain — easy how to open guide to read this…

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Do you know what does 404 means in China? lol It means websites that are filtered by the great censorship. And if “they”, (allow me to use “they” because I don’t want to be censored lol), don’t want some voice be heard, it will be 404ed or whipped out. But blockchain technology might change this.

Check this out!!!

DAT epic transaction!

So yesterday many of my friends shared this, and I couldn’t figure out what it was, I mean honestly I am not that technical… So if you are like me, here is a simple how to:

if you open through web, click the convert to UT8
converted!! this magical to me…. as I am really not that technical..

This etherscan thing looks like a good application to read these secrete notes on ETH blockchain.

A student of Beijing University wrote his/her story along with a ETH transaction. So now his/her story is open to the world and the note cannot be changed.

Basically this student Yue Xin submitted “Information Disclosure Application Form”, and got into problem with the school and da party committee. Me thinking… just asking for disclosure….Of course “they” gave Yue Xin pressure and silence this whole thing, but that didn’t happen successfully because of blockchain……

There are 249 comments now, all supporting the author. Many of them said there is no 404 in blockchain. But… nothing is impossible in China right. Yesterday many people shared it on wechat. But if you try to open this link through wechat now, it is already like this:

Duh…. I mean it is kinda expected

But if you read the comments are all pretty supportive to this student… For example “there is no 404 on blockchain”

well, seems like people kinda support this…

To conclude…. I learned…. learn your technology well! Or else can’t even get your voice heard when facing injustice.


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