Cheat Sheet: Top KPIs to Measure in Your Entertainment App

The entertainment industry is becoming more and more mobile, making content available across every device and at every minute of the day. Entertainment apps are one of the fastest-growing app categories in 2018, second only to games. With streaming on-demand video and music becoming the go-to option for many users, smartphones are now the new TV. Entertainment apps include platforms for users to share their playlists, reviews and experiences, take polls and quizzes, and generally mess around with the content that makes them grin. Even books are going mobile — one of the most popular entertainment apps is an AR version of the children’s classic “My Very Hungry Caterpillar”.

Entertainment apps call for their own set of KPIs. An app that doesn’t meet or even exceed these KPIs will quickly get lost in the massive jungle of the entertainment category. Today’s users are a fickle bunch, hopping from one app to the other and sticking only with the best. What makes or breaks an entertainment app is whether users want to keep coming back to it, make it a part of their daily lives, and choose it over the competition. A strong app analytics platform will help you measure almost any KPI, but how do you know on which ones you should concentrate your efforts?

To help you answer this question, we’ve put together a list of the most important KPIs for entertainment apps. By paying attention to these KPIs, you can focus on what’s important, organize your app analytics tools, and continuously monitor your app’s UX, performance, and retention rates. All of these KPIs are tied together and can point you to any problems or usability issues that may plague your app.

If you’re trying to create the next hot entertainment app, these are the KPIs you simply cannot ignore.

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