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Change Is Part Of The Process

Six months ago, if anybody told me that I have to change myself to reach the next level of my life, I would have laughed and walked away. Have you noticed a pattern of unwanted circumstances happening to you? If your answer is yes, then it’s time to change. Today, I admit full heartedly that change is the only KEY TO SUCCESS. Without change, growth is not possible!

I hear you... It is scary to change, being it your job, position, friends, or most importantly changing YOURSELF! However, how long more do you want to allow those ‘unwanted circumstances’ happening to you? You like it or not, change is the only way to get to the next chapter of your life and see the success you long wanted. The moment you accept that you should change, the world around you will change. Suddenly, you see difficult situations as blessings and lessons to help you try harder and better. Now that you agree, how do you start this change?


First: Do Not Resist It. The More You Do, The More You Fail

It is challenging to accept that you must change yourself first to see the change you want to see around you. You need to realize that you cannot control the circumstances or people’s actions so stop getting angry, upset, or defensive. The only thing you have control over is YOU and how you ‘change’ your view about that. If certain difficult events don’t happen, you will never know where you need to change. Therefore, stop resisting it and accept that change is necessary in order for you to reach better and bigger dreams.

Change is painful, but it is absolutely necessary. The pain of change will make you stronger, wiser, and more determined to reach your goals.

Second: Listen More, Read More, Practice More

Change does not happen overnight. First, you need to practice the ability to listen without judgment. Listen to what people have to say. I know it is really hard to listen to criticism, but you have to do it for your dreams! I’ve been there too and I can tell you that it will get so much easier over time! Take a deep breath and stay calm. Allow your team members or friends feel safe to tell you the truth. People who want to see you succeed will tell you the good and bad in you. So allow them this opportunity for your growth. You’d be surprised to see how much you didn’t know about yourself and how much they actually care for you.

Try reading as many books and articles as you can. Three months ago, I bought as many self-help and self-development books I could. I’ve spent day and night working on improving myself and my ‘people skills’. It works like a miracle! If you want your dreams to come true and be an inspirational leader, you should improve yourself every day. And, practice is the key. Change those bad habits of yours and see the world around you change again for the better. Research shows it takes exactly 66 days to form a new habit, so GET STARTED TODAY! The positive changes in you will boost your self-confidence and everything will start working in your favor.

Third: Learn To Forgive, See The Good In People And Situations

You should understand that what people do cannot reflect who you are. Everybody has their own challenges in life and if they do something that hurts you, it is not intentional nor about you! Nobody’s action can define who you are. Therefore, forgive people and situations so you can move on to a more significant purpose. If you do one good thing against the bad thing done to you, you can see how miraculously your life can change.

Moreover, if you have the time, try to volunteer for different causes. This has been truly helpful for me. When you work with people who are on a mission to help humanity, not only makes you feel good, it will also help to change and impact many people’s lives. Giving back is the best way to change!

My life journey has been tough but full of extremely valuable lessons. When you have big dreams, you should work harder, change, and improve. If you see situations and people around you with a positive view, you can attract abundance, success, and happiness into your life. Change in your life only starts with CHANGING YOURSELF, and YOU CAN DO IT!

Change yourself, change the world! Don’t forget to share your thoughts here :)

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