Case study: DashBouquet experience in computer vision based ad tech solution by@dashmagazine
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Case study: DashBouquet experience in computer vision based ad tech solution

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US based remarkable startup have started with great idea and tight schedule. The aim was to allow businesses, especially in street retail area, to engage new customers using interactive computer vision enabled advertisements. System contains of a few displays located in storefront windows which react to passing by people with programmed events. System recognizes 5 parameters: age, sex, number of people, weather and interactions like smile and hand waving. Then it can adjust it’s playlist reacting to events happening outside in front of the store.

We’ve made a perfect match since they have expected quick turnaround and clear communication while there were a lot of unknowns. On the other hand we had a relevant experience of building complex UIs and references from the client’s business network. And on top of that we’re keen on working with startups meeting their pace and style.

We’ve started with a simple idea: to build a dashboard allowing to manage all screens from the internet.

Building dashboard was a good point to start with, so after several iterations the team had a feeling that we can build up the whole system.

Weekly-based iterations allowed us to deliver quickly and promptly respond to changing requirements.  As it was a seed stage the total look and feel was in focus. So we’ve created really sophisticated UI and highlighted key action with smooth animations. This small thing made presentations to interested parties more exciting.

During the project we’ve built a small video scheduling software with native feel which works inside a browser.

Another challenge was to spend efforts really effectively across infinite number of aims. We’ve divided all the work into micro budgets allowing client to track each and every activity and prioritize it well.

As a result we’ve stayed in agreed budget and time, so gained more trust from client and little bit later we were allowed to lead the whole project.

Visit our website to learn more about our team, services and technologies. In case you have a project in mind, do not hesitate to drop us a line and share your ideas.

Written by Anton Shaleynikov

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