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Can You Weave Security Through Low Code Platforms

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With 3950 known data breaches across industries affecting 36 billion records worldwide in only a year. Security has become the first concern for several businesses that are in the race to rework digitally. And with many options and platforms that claim to be ready to combine security with app development, companies are tossed in an ocean of choices.

With the necessity to gauge thoroughly and protect their customers. Whilst also having the urgent "got to build and deploy solutions today" to compete attitude. The low code app development platform has emerged. It is no longer the less secure solution. Low code allows for citizen developers to emerge as a strong tool to create enterprise grade applications. And with low code app platform players becoming the tool of choice for professional developers and management alike, the selection becomes less complex for developers with the potential to cater to unique needs across the industry spectrum.

In addition, now it is to be verified, low code platform enables enterprise-grade security by providing safeguards like Authentication and Authorization, SSL encryption, User Onboarding, OAuth, OpenID Connect, and integration with service providers like LDAP or AD. Along side a strong interface and exciting features that helps developers build themes, handle complex visual representations of knowledge then far more.

To sum up, one need no longer worry about authentication and security with so many open standards now dovetailed into all low code solutions. To truly unleash the potential of this platform one must try it out for oneself by using low code platforms.


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