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Can There Be An Alliance of Credit Federations?

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I am the Revlang. Resistance is futile. Your crypto-cherry will be popped!

Basically, this is a blueprint for a secondary economy that would start with a grassroots movement, which injects any profits back into its own organization, because its shareholders are community members or co-owners to the tune of the value they put into it, and where everyone has just one vote.

The aim is to re-establish the proud worker and middle classes and turn them into valid members of our society, who by virtue of the solid wages and dividends we pay them are again able to buy homes, cars, and computers and generally provide for their families in a very comfortable way.

An integrated ecosystem will be created that will be comprised of a number of organizations that feed each other. The A.C.F. would serve as an umbrella organization for the pillars of said community.

The first one of these is a partly decentralized financial and business institution that is also member-owned and features a stablecoin, a fluctuating coin, and an investment arm with a corresponding business portfolio.

The second will be a non-profit cultural foundation that would build first online and afterward physical museums, and that would also benefit culture in general and member artists in particular.

The third is a trading platform for some of our digital currencies, for creatives' commodities, non-creative job shares, and much more.

The fourth is a blockchain creatives' homeworld, with a visitors side for all things creative and entertainment in general, and a members' hive/colony where a multitude of projects would always be ongoing. These four to start with, more to follow.

We would start as a sort of global credit union, but offering much more. Each region would have its own federation that works in conjunction with all the others. We work on the principle of inclusion as opposed to division.

By Ourselves, For Ourselves (BOFO)

After ascertaining where our traditional economy falls short, we proceeded to come up with ways where we could do better by doing it ourselves and making the software automatically distribute funds to where they are needed and to all the participants in any given project on a more equitable
basis then is the case today.

We are a capitalist organization with social benefits immutably built into our system. We will however have to devise a means of punishing those who would take advantage of our goodwill or commit fraud against their fellow member-owners.

In each federation, an triumvirate in charge of policy will serve for five years maximum, and that will start readying its successors after three years. This body will decide policy changes if need be. However, the founding principles can not be changed.

Policy guidelines will be built into the software and members of a given region will be asked to provide and vote on possible investments that follow those guidelines.

Operational control issues and voting on new investments and planning for the future will be decided by all members, always taking care to adhere to the founding guidelines and possible tweaks of the governing rules by the triumvirate.

If a given project proves fruitful, it will be carried over to other federations for scaling. We would create federations more or less per country and later maybe amalgamate per continent to provide a counter balance for the working and middle classes opposite the large corporations.

Key Methods

Key Methodology #1: P.I.F. (Paying It Forward)

The financial institution called the Values Bank would pay forward twenty percent of each member's input for further job creation, and this NOT taken from the member's account but as a double issue of the digital stablecoin. This would be the singular driving engine of our addition to the existing economy.

The more people can get a comfortable income, the more is spent, the more we grow. In effect, the reverse of the trickle-down philosophy, which has effectively been proven not to work for anybody but those at the very top.

Key Methodology #2: Stablecoin Against Inflation

The stablecoin (called Vebes) will be tethered to a spectrum of the most solid commodities available, and if one or more should fail, then the coin would simply switch to the remaining ones, this to avoid a wipe-out in case of inflation or hyperinflation.

The Vebes (short for ValueBytes) will be created by adding value through a sale, where

1. the fiat ($,£, etc.-) or commodities such as gold will underwrite our currency as securities,

2. the goods go to the customer and

3. the digi-coin goes to the seller.

We do not use cash, but instead focus on either paying securely online or via an app on people's phones for ambulant purchases.

The securities for these stable-coins will be held indefinitely in a multitude of branches in tax havens all over the world, this to avoid impounding by dictators and so as to not put all our eggs in one basket. Taxes due the respective governments will be paid in fiat until such time as they accept our currency as payment.

Every member's Vebes would be held privately in an electronic encrypted fob (e.g. Trezor), or may be put in a smart contract as a way of securing them until a later date, or can also be held in a digital encrypted account with the Vebes Bank.

To the Values Bank will be attached an Investment Arm that uses (to begin with) part of the securities as seed capital, but after acceptance of our currency by the establishment we would use Vebes.

Also attached will be a Business Platform for all the companies that start up using our investments, or joint project initiatives by our creatives.

We should also start a micro-credits department

Key Methodology #3: Decentralized Green Coin

In addition, we will create a decentralized coin (called FluxCoin) for HODL (holding/saving) and trading purposes. The value of this coin will fluctuate according to demand and the markets' situations. The mining of this coin will occur in a green manner.

Key Methodology #4: Host of Member Incentives.

The Alliance of Credit Federations will feature a host of incentives for its members, such as an automatic double-issued IRA (Individual Retirement Account) of 5 % of the monthly input, 20 % double-issued donation of the monthly input to the Museums Foundation which would be tax-deductible.
A 5 % double-issued donation of the monthly input for micro-credits
to reinforce 'likes' of artworks on the Creativity Home Chain and
would thus supply extra income for the artists.

Members could get a credit line in the order of 20 % of their annual input and mortgages virtually at cost, with maintenance and improvements to the properties by ACF members who work in construction and would use materials manufactured by the ACF.

Key Methodology #5: Our Coins as Legal Tender

Key players in the traditional economy will be asked to accept our coins as legal tender. For these we will need large numbers of members who can massively petition the big players in turn until they surrender.

In return; they will get all the benefits of any other member, but no additional voting rights. We could, for instance, double issue 20 % of their profit that was converted to Vebes as payment for extra wages for their
employees, which is always one of the biggest operational costs for
any enterprise.

In case they refuse, we would have no choice but
to create our own alternative to their operations.

Key Methodology #6: Museums & Culture Foundation

The Museums & Culture Foundation (MCF) will start by creating online museums per major city. The artworks for these digital museums will be purchased from member creatives who in turn will be asked to hold these works in trust until such date as physical museums have been built. The building of these museums will be carried out by member construction
workers and designed/embellished by member creatives.

Key Methodology #7: Artists' Creabyte as Commodity

Each creative will offer a CreaByte which consists of their annual spare time for sale as a commodity at twice their going rate. The MCF will buy these in return for those members' labor in the museums under construction, or just to hold in reserve for use on a mutual project, or as payment for artworks, or as straightforward patronage.

These CreaBytes will of course be available for purchase by the general public for future creative services, or as payment for their artworks, or as patronage for the artist

Key Methodology #8: 'Culture & Entertainment World' on the Blockchain

For the public part, we would start with a pilot culture and entertainment index of one major city and later iterate/scale that to everywhere else. This index would list all the museums, theaters, operas, cinemas, art galleries,
member open studios (optional) with info and links to these and a
planner for a morning, afternoon, evening or day out. (This list is
not exhaustive!)

A section for art news, such as ongoing exhibits in museums, galleries, etc. Feature stories for new projects or introducing member artists and their work. And anything else culture-related we can think of.

ArtBook (like FB but for art) with member postings and links to their personal websites with the possibility for likes for artworks coupled to donations of micro-credits. We will have to find ways to make it interactive and make any visit addictive. For example Daily caption, polls, bingo?, chess club, coding club. We will let some think tanks come up with the rest!

And for the private member part, we would start with an index of cultural branches and their corresponding members.

A section of group members deals in art materials straight from the manufacturer.

  • Member discounts with museums, etc.
  • Think tanks.
  • Forums but according to the Slack
  • The Development Colony/Hive for joint
  • Directory with project files and
  • Peer co-marketing initiatives.
  • Business offshoots from joint projects with links to the Investment Arm of the Values Bank.


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