Can a mere cartoon be your startup muse?by@dreamtoipo
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Can a mere cartoon be your startup muse?

by DreamToIPOJanuary 12th, 2018
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Startup is obsessed with ideas. They ignite the founders and rest is a script of history.

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Startup is obsessed with ideas. They ignite the founders and rest is a script of history.

But, not everyone is fortunate to be a part of folklore. Mundane people demand a kick to go beyond the cubicle. They need one word, two phrases and few sentences to ignite the inner flame.

Some chase books. Others dive in YouTube videos. Alpha male tweets with #hustle and #motivation.

What if we have a minimal option? Where we will not be showered by the flood of thoughts and imposed energy, but with a sweet resonance?

Sounds like Utopia? Welcome Gapingvoid. One who has inspired us to help startups to thrive.

Eyes rolled? Get ready for more fun and inspiration too-

How often we forget this simple manifesto!

We can do great things,but, oh lord, our fear…

And then you master how to take control of your senses! :)

Some decisions are tricky but worth taking. Take a firm step today!

The beauty of these sketches are in the message and the minimal approach to deliver those messages. In our world of boasting and bragging, showcasing and showering of false statements, the messages are of big resonance.

Messages that are simple yet hidden as we chase something illusory.

Messages that can inspire us to start something new or figure out the loopholes.

Messages that does not pretend but help you to master the truth.

If you are a hustler, want to do great things trust me you will love them, if you aren’t already one of their loyal followers.

Why these sketches are real deal for startup founders?

They know you:

Now, when everyone rushes into the office and many perceives the job 9–6 as mundane task, when companies like Uber gets affected with harassment, when most of the corporate people drain with the inhuman pressure, few strokes of brush, couple of good words can make your day or night worth to fight for.

In your bad day, they can help you to ignite.

In good days, they can help you to see the larger picture and take the next step.

“You” are the ones who want to start a startup, build a great product, create a better world and they know it.

Gapingvoid talks about the leadership, the dream, the blur line between rational and insanity, the brain, heart, soul and everything that comes in between your idea, startup and business. Their biggest strength is drawing us to the greater good and bigger picture which we often miss and misread.

In your initial days, those posters are the muse. Once you set up, they act as their oracles guide you to build the empire and the culture for future. A better one for sure.

Sane and simple.

They talk about the change:

How many days you want to kick off with new resilience and fail miserably? Gapingvoid knows and here they don’t offer any overnight remedy.

But, with every gaze before their posters, you start to find your conviction. They help you to visualize. They tell you the code to decode the complex puzzle of idea phase to customer retention phase.

Of course, they are not your go-to-book for business solution. But, when you bury yourself into frustration, they can help you to pull up and push you to create your best work.

In mythology, a muse is celebrated for igniting the passion and helping mundane soul to create the epic.

Make your startup epic. I presume, you know whom to invoke now.

All image and inspiration courtesy- Gapingvoid.

What’s have been your startup muse? Who has helped you to see the bigger problem? What has inspired to dive deep into problem and and offer the disruptive solution?

It would be nice if you share with us. Will you?