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Calling for Hacker Noon community: We are hiring!

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@linhLinh Dao Smooke

Hacker Noon Mama-in-Chief. But also like a real mom (to Norah).

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Hacker Noon is building the best place for tech professionals to publish — and we need your help.

As you might have heard. We are building our own Content Management System from scratch, and we need help. We are hiring for these part-time positions:

  1. User-centric Frontend Developer with a great taste for Design,
  2. Content Strategist with Social Media expertise, and
  3. Product Designer who gives a s*** about future of publishing

Click on the jobs ad above to apply. Scroll down to learn more about each job.

User-centric Frontend Developer with great Design taste

We’re looking for a scrappy user-centric generalist to help us lay the foundation for Hacker Noon 2.0. Unfortunately, we can’t afford to invest in months of research and planning before taking action. So you’ll need to trust your intuition and proactively figure out what our users need while you design and write code. It’s a demanding role what will require a lot of context switching. But you’ll be working a small but strong team of energetic startup vets to help as needed.

A typical day for you might include:

  • You start by imagining how to improve an interaction to a nagging problem our users commonly face.
  • Then you design and rapidly prototype a solution to the problem using Code Sandbox.
  • Next you share the proposed solution with our team and community for feedback.
  • You then make iterations inspired by what you learn from the feedback.
  • After all that, you share a workable solution with the team and help think through implementation challenges.

The next day, you might work on something completely different:

  • You could start by refining our shared wireframe document on realtime board.
  • You notice that we haven’t put much thought into how we layout and display stories in a particular homepage section. So you decide to take a deeper dive into that element and pull up your preferred design tool, Sketch.
  • After a few hours of experimenting with spacing, layouts, typography and all the other details most people don’t care about…you produce a design that you’re proud to share with the team and community.
  • You continue iterating as you share and talk about your work. Eventually you produce something you’re really proud of. It is aesthetically pleasing but also very usable.
  • The team is jazzed about your design and implementation starts immediately. You take the first stab at building a simple React component that is basically HTML/CSS. The team helps clean up your code and wire up the data.

This is a part time position that will require around 15-20 hours/ week. Pay is competitive and there will be opportunities to be promoted to full time.

This role reports directly to CPO Dane Lyons.

Content Strategist with Social Media expertise

We are looking for someone who can filter through the noise (that is the internet), understand content & distribution, and learn/fail fast. Think: how can we engage with communities around the interwebs about Hacker Noon in a thoughtful but also scalable way? Ideally, every single piece of Hacker Noon content should be distributed and discussed somewhere with someone around the net. Our library of 20,000 posts is getting bigger everyday.

We have 200,000 daily readers visiting HackerNoon.com everyday. We are diversifying our assets with the emergence of new communities, such as the Hacker Noon Podcast, Contributor Communities, and more. Think: how can we improve our existing communities and grow them to be self-sustaining?

7000+ contributors are contributing to Hacker Noon everyday, most of them original content. They deserve great distribution. To date, we’ve done a fine job helping most stories published on Hacker Noon searchable in more places. But we could always do more. Think: how do we amplify Hacker Noon writers’ content around the net while also recruit new writers with other great content?

All these are questions that a Social Media & Content Strategist will have to grapple with. You will be expected to use a combination of growth hacks, cool new software/technologies, and your unique writing/communication skills to be successful in this job.

Don’t worry — you won’t work alone. There’s a reason why Hacker Noon emerged to be one of the top tech blogs in the world — we do know how to grow communities! And we can help you. But we do expect you to have natural inclination for the job and be your own boss.

This is a part time position that will require around 20 hours/ week. Pay is competitive and there will be opportunities to be promoted to full time.

This role reports directly to COO Linh Dao Smooke.

Product Designer who gives a s*** about publishing

The internet, the final frontier. These are the voyages of Hacker Noon. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new ideas, to seek out artificial life forms and exotic technologies, to boldly go where no tech team has gone before.

Seriously. We need a designer with creative confidence, the ability to collaborate in a quirky fast-paced product team, and the drive to make things happen. Unfortunately, we don’t have the budget or the time to conduct academic research. We’ve got to make decisions quickly and adapt when our assumptions are not correct.

Dual track is our preferred flavor of agile. This means we’ll have a discovery backlog for rapid prototyping and testing new concepts. We’ll also have a delivery backlog for turning validated concepts into reality. If you choose to accept this mission, you’ll be heavily involved in both tracks.

Example of a discovery track project:

As a team, we’ve decided that we’d like to allow readers to react to Hacker Noon stories with emojis. Conceptually we feel that emoji reactions are richer than common likes/dislikes while still offering low-friction simplicity. But we need to validate our assumption and explore implementation options.

You could rapidly sketch or prototype a few concepts and take them to our community and have public and private discussions to learn as much as you can as quickly as possible. Once we feel confident with a direction, you’ll be expected to summarize your learnings in a delivery story that is ready to be worked on.

Example of a delivery track project:

We believe designers shouldn’t be bottlenecks. If our developers depend on you for every single task, then you’ll quickly get bogged down designing and writing specs to support every sprint. Instead, we should work on building a design system that empowers developers to make progress on their own. This will free you up to spend time thinking about and helping shape the future of Hacker Noon.

This is a part time position that will require around 15–20 hours/ week. Pay is competitive and there will be opportunities to be promoted to full time.

This role reports directly to CPO Dane Lyons.


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