Build Chatbot for Twitter Direct Message by@b.sandesh

Build Chatbot for Twitter Direct Message

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Step 1: Get Developer account
Note: Review & approval usually takes 10–15 days.

Step 2: Create Twitter App & Dev Environment

Step 3: Generate app access token for the direct message using twitter developer portal

Note: Change the app permissions to “Read, write, and direct messages” & generate the access token.

Step 4: Create the Node module & run it.

Run command: node app.js


Use Open Source Developer friendly Twitter Connector.

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Step 5: Tunnel to your localhost webhook using Ngrok

run the following command on the same directory using terminal/command prompt: ngrok http 1337
Copy the “https” url. (It will be something like

Step 6: Download account activity dashboard

Git clone
run the module using “npm start” using the terminal/command prompt

Step 7: Attach Webhook

open “localhost:5000” on the browser.
Click on “Manage Webhook”
Paste the “ngrok url” into “Create or Update Webhook” field & click submit

Step 8: Add a user/page subscription

Open terminal/Command prompt
Goto “account activity dashboard” folder
execute “node example_scripts/subscription_management/add-subscription-app-owner.js -e <TWITTER_DEV_ENV_NAME>”
note: Add user subscription for the user that owns the app.

Goto Twitter DM & start talking to your bot

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