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Bounty vs. Bonus Loyalty Program

by AITradingMay 25th, 2018
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<em>Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing are increasingly popular in </em>organizations<em>. In short, a crowd of ordinary people gets together and contribute, either financially or through their unique skills, to solve a complex problem or make a project happen.</em>

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Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing are increasingly popular in organizations_. In short, a crowd of ordinary people gets together and contribute, either financially or through their unique skills, to solve a complex problem or make a project happen._

In such an environment, project leaders tend to interact with a distributed team of project supporters, especially when it comes to international projects requiring complementary skills.

In today’s crypto world, when it comes to involving a large number of people, projects leaders often announce “bounty programmes”, typically published on BitcoinTalk forums to a wide audience of “bounty hunters”. Such bounty hunters commit to fulfilling specific tasks, such as translation, community management, bug reporting or content-writing.

Upon surveying this approach and after consultation with market participants, we have decided that we cannot assign project-sensitive tasks to unknown people with uncertain skills and experience.

Though many projects continue using bounty campaigns, the benefits are not quite clear. Now, this is mainly considered as a kind of decency to have a Bitcointalk forum for specific techy communications. Definitely, there is a positive result such as the information buzz about the project. People start spreading the word about the project on many social communication channels (Facebook, Telegram, etc). The real problem is that now, because of all this hype with bounty campaigns, too many bots have rushed to this area. And thus the real spread appeared to be not as wide as promised by figures. If only bots could invest real money in your project, things would be different. But they can’t.

AITrading Bonus Program approach

The main benefits of applying to the AITrading Bonus Program is that it includes the people who are actually interested in the project, who are ready to contribute to its success, and who can spread the word among like-minded investors and early backers of AITrading.

We are giving up on obsolete bounty campaigns but we still encourage everybody to scrutinize all available information and share our idea of revolutionizing trading and applying artificial intelligence (“AI”) to their trading experience.

We aim to push AI-based trading to mass markets. We think it cannot belong only to big hedge funds and financial tycoons. AITrading plans to redirect the value and intelligence of AI-powered trading to ordinary people.

Bonus Program

At AITrading, we commit to maintain the highest professional standards and uphold our responsibility towards all backers of the project.

In our Bonus Program, there are 2 components.

The first is devoted to ones of the most efficient social channels for crowdfunding —Facebook and Telegram. In this part of AITrading Bonus Program, we are looking for people who are actively involved in trading, crypto, innovative startups, technologies, and all things high tech. We first invite those who are not just bounty hunters without much interest in the project itself, but those who can support the project, spread the word, give feedback, and share ideas.

The second option is a referral link. The owners and influencers of larger communities can make a good use of our referral links. The link is unique to each specific user. And when someone invests into AITrading project with such a referral link, the bonus program participant receives a reward.

Premium Bonus Program

For those who are well-grounded in our project domain with a lot of relevant activities, such as trading, crypto, artificial intelligence, financial markets, we offer to join the Premium Bonus Program. We consider them as brand ambassadors who promote and champion project and idea. We are always inviting these people to be a part of new trading future, share their knowledge and help spread the news about AITrading.

AITrading notes

We appreciate any valued contribution to our crowdfunding project as we rely on our joint efforts to make it successfully implemented and pushed to the market.

Please check our website and subscribe to our communities, to stay updated and informed on project progress.

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