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Bot Creator Dembots in the Spotlight

by BOTS January 11th, 2022
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Bot-creator Demian Voorhagen is responsible for several brands in the BOTS-app. would not exist without the man behind the brand. Dembots is one of the best performing bots in the app. The philosophy behind their bots is that you don’t try to be the best on average. Dembot: “The idea of the Dembots series is that the idea that you want to make the investors’s investment in the top 500 companies.” Dembots works very closely with BOTS team to ensure all funds are managed well.

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Where would the BOTS app be with our amazing bot creators? These superheroes are the minds and creators behind the bots in the BOTS app. But who are they, where are they from, what's their relationship with trading, and what's their philosophy?

Let’s find out, shall we?

Today, the spotlight is on bot-creator Demian Voorhagen: responsible for several brands in the BOTS-app, amongst which not only Dembots but also

Time to meet Demian Voorhagen

Neither Dembots nor would exist without the man behind the brand: Demian Voorhagen. Time to get to know him!

“My name is Demian Voorhagen; I was born and raised in Haarlem, The Netherlands and am 26 years old. I’ve studied Management, Economics and Law (bachelor), Artificial Intelligence (bachelor) and Artificial Intelligence (master). I wanted to make more money than the few euros I got paid per hour at my student job as a student. When exploring how to make more money, I came in contact with forex trading. I started trading manually but noticed it was a lot of work. I decided I wanted to automate trading. Not only that, but I wanted it to be hands-off and hassle-free.”

Back to school!

But being a fan of automated trading doesn’t necessarily mean you have the skills to do so. “I realized I didn’t know how to code, so I studied it.” And once Demian gained the skills he needed to fulfil his wishes, it didn’t take him long to put his first bot out there. “When I finally got my first bot up and running, I had multiple people asking me if they could use it as well, so I decided to rent it out. This was at the beginning of 2017.”

And then there was BOTS.

It took him three years to find BOTS, but he saw market potential for his bots once he did. “I discovered BOTS at the beginning of 2020. I saw that there were no portfolio bots in the app, and since I am a fan of portfolios and the S&P 500 (a fund that allows you to invest in the top 500 companies), I felt it made sense to make portfolio bots for crypto with a similar philosophy.”

“We now have thousands and thousands of users who are very happy to use our bots, and regularly thank me for their profits.”

And he was right: “The Dembots series is, over a longer period, one of the best performing bots in the app. Early investors of the bot are close to seeing their investment having gone tenfold. Something extremely unique in the regular investing world.” Dembots works very closely with the BOTS team to ensure all funds are managed well as one of the earliest and bigger bot creators. “And we are doing a good job at that, I’d say. We have made millions of euros in profit for our users.”

Dembots and the BOTS app

The BOTS app is an excellent platform for both users and bot creators. The community vibe is strong, and bot creators like Dembots do all they can to connect with the users: “We have thousands and thousands of users who are very happy to use our bots, and regularly thank me for their profits. We have a very popular Discord channel in the BOTS Discord, and users are always welcome to ask questions there or PM me with their questions. We also recommend people to invest in our BOTS through our channels, such as our mailing list. In the end, I’m just grateful that I can help so many people.“

“Always follow the average market and don’t try to be the best.”

Advice to new bot creators

At the moment, both Dembots and have released many bots on the BOTS app. The philosophy behind their strategies? “Always follow the average market and don’t try to be the best. If you look at investors like Warren Buffet, you will notice that he never does insanely well; he just makes sure to perform on the top side of average — however, he does so year after year, decade after decade(!).”

And that’s precisely the thought that drives Dembots. “The idea of the Dembots is that you don’t want to make the perfect trade or find the perfect coin, but you are always invested in the most popular coins of that moment (similar to the S&P 500). The more you try to be the best, the more you can typically lose. The principle of this idea is the same as in the world of top athletes. What do top athletes do best? Prevent injuries. Your top priority is to stay in the game.”

Their advice for BOTS app users? “Spread your risk! Especially in markets with an above-market risk, you want to make sure you minimize your risk as long as possible.”

The future for Dembots

His plans for the future? “If anyone has a request for a bot, we are happy to look at facilitating that for them. For now, the focus is mostly on, where we are developing a tool that makes it easy for people to make their bots that we publish on BOTS. Users only need to make the configuration for the bot, and we take care of marketing (in cooperation with BOTS), the servers, API connection, security, up-time guarantee, optimizations and evaluation of risk and performance.”

Join the BOTS community

Well guys and gals, that’s it for this round of Spotlight. Now, do you have any questions about the bots in the BOTS app? Please reach out to our support team. You can contact them right here. Or, if you’d like a quick fix, you can check the FAQ on our website, our YouTube channel or join other BOTS users at the BOTS Discord channel!

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