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Self-sustaining systems based on familiar devices are gaining popularity. This allows you to remove intermediaries and reduce the cost of maintaining devices. And we are pleased to present our collaboration with Dremel and Bosch, which led to the creation of an interesting project — a self-sustaining 3D Printing Service.

Project description

The essence of the project is to create a remote 3D printing service. In which user uploads 3D model, after what to him showing information about the approximate time and cost of 3D model printing. Then service offers two payment methods: Pay immediately and Pay Per time. The cost of printing is calculated by the time spent and the amount of material. Immediately payment is made according to the approximate time of printing with payment before printing. For the implementation of this method took the team from Bosch Connectory, as they have the experience what was gained by creating a coffee machine with payment in Bosch Coins.

When user choose Pay Per Time method, payments will be made through payment channels every n-time of the printer work. This method has advantages over Immediately payment: the user pays upon use of the service and materials, and nothing more; both parties are protected and everyone can at any time get their money on the fact of performed work. This method was implemented by our team. The speed and cheapness of transactions in the Byteball network allow you open a payment channel in seconds and all transactions on it are free and unlimited in number. Paying only for the opening and closing of the channel, which is less than 0.0001 €.

After selecting a payment method, the user is displayed QR-code. After scanning it, you will receive payment information in Bosch Coins. In the end, when user will confirm the payment, printer will start printing.

During a week of work in the office of Bosch Connectory, we have implemented the main core of this project. This is not the end of our work and we will continue remotely. At this stage, we need to “polish” the implemented and expand the functionality.

In the final

Our team is very grateful for the opportunity to work on such an interesting project. An interesting project like no one inspires to work productively. Special thanks I would like to Express to the team from Bosch Connectory: Gress Antonius, Tran Rui Lun and Roth Hannes.

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