BIoT: Real examples of work of our system

The development of the main core and payment channels of our system is brought to the state where everyone can test our solutions. More information about our project in the first article. Therefore, the time has come to move from words to action — we want to show the real workings of our system. To this end, we constructed two DIY projects: ‘Acquisition of activity’ and ‘Payment per use’.

Project #1 — Acquisition of activity

For the first project we took a simple idea — buying something through our system, by using payment channels. In this situation, we have taken the use case of purchasing led lights of different colors, when you click on the buttons.

Devices for DIY #1

For realization, we needed two “Raspberry Pi-3 B”: the first device— buys, the second device— sells. And also other details that connect and enliven the devices of the project.

Watch this video to see it in action:

Source code:

Project #2 —Payment per use

Our second project is an idea that can be widely used in a real-life environment — payment per use. The essence of this is that payment goes while something is been using. In our case we took the ‘Parking’ use case, where the payment goes per unit of time using the Parking Place.

The car, before entering the Parking, scans the RFID-card, after that the payment channel opens and allows access to the Parking Place — payment begins to arrive. When the car leaves the Parking, it scans the RFID-card again, then the payment channel closes and the system allows the car to leave the Parking.

Watch this video to see it in action

Source code:

Where can the BIoT system be applied?

We want to create not just a system for IoT, but a full range of applications that work as a suite for: payments, data collection, monitoring and communication of devices, as well as management of all their types.

BIoT Solutions with examples:

  • Smart logistics
    - Monitoring of the conditions and route of the delivered goods
    - Payment for delivery depending on the route and conditions 
    - Collection and monitoring of data on stored items to speed up warehouse operations
  • Smart city
    - Collection of data on available Parking spaces, their monitoring and payment of the occupied space
    - Adaptive lighting of street lights with electricity payment
    - Data collection and monitoring of the situation on the highway with communication
  • Smart agriculture
    - Control of microclimatic conditions in greenhouses, management and payment of resources
    - Collect data on the location and health of their cattle.
    - Remote protection and control of farms and outbuildings
  • Smart retail
    - Payment for the number of poured drinks
    - Implementation of delivery of goods to customers using drones with the connection of payment
    - Collection and monitoring of data on goods in stock
  • Smart home
    - Management of temperature in the house with payment for heating
    - Monitoring and control of smart household appliances
    - Control of Windows and door locks
  • Industrial IoT
    - Production of the selected parts by several machines and payment of resources
    - Monitoring the location of instruments to speed up production processes
    - Ensuring communication between robots
  • IoT Healthcare
    - Remote health monitoring
    - Control of the dosage of medications taken
    - Collection and monitoring of data on the location of devices, staff and patients
  • Web solutions
    - Paid reading of articles and their storage
    - Solutions for gambling
    - Paid viewing of video and broadcasts

And this is just a small list of examples of what we can do.

The Future of BIoT

We are starting a new stage with huge plans:

  • Optimization and improvement of the stability of our system
  • Realization of protocols and examples on other programming languages
  • Support offline work, as well as work on microcontrollers
  • Creation of documentation
  • Develop a client on PC / Android / iOS to manage and interact with devices by using mini applications on HTML5 or chat
  • Creating a layout with real-life examples of use for participation in exhibitions
  • Elaboration of the business model

and much more…

For the implementation of all plans and increased competitiveness, we need a lot of resources and effort, that’s why we start looking for partners and funds (possibly an ICO).

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