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BMW Hybrid Named in Latest Recall

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Multiple major automakers have been announcing recall campaigns lately.

As reports concerning the Takata air bag recall expansion, a number of car owners are bracing for a long wait before their vehicles can be fully repaired. But as they wait, other recalls associated with issues that could also lead to crashes or injuries are launched.

The latest recall impacting a popular brand was launched by BMW.

According to the German automaker, the BMW 18 hybrid vehicle is being recalled after the firm learned of an issue associated with the Dynamic Stability Control hydraulic unit. After the part supplier responsible for producing the DSC hydraulic parts contacted BMW to report the units may have experienced a manufacturing error, the company launched the recall to have the issue addressed.

The report shows that parts exposed to a manufacturing error may cause the DSC functionalities to become impaired. If that’s the case, the driver may experience a braking and handling issue. Those problems could lead to crashes.

In order to avoid accidents, stay safe, and help others stay safe, have your recalled vehicle inspected and repaired promptly. According to the company, service technicians will inspect and replace the DSC hydraulic unit if necessary.

If you would like to learn more about this recall and how to have your vehicle fixed promptly and for free, follow this link.

Never wait until you’re injured to act and have your car repaired after it’s been linked to a recall campaign. Many issues may lead to deadly accidents or injuries. Ignoring a recall campaign that impacts your vehicle’s equipment could lead to dire consequences.


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