Blockwatch: Berlin Blockchain Day Panel

January 16th 2018

On a cold Friday December night, with a Christmas market buzzing outside, a small group of Blockchain enthusiasts gathered for a ‘day’ (actually an afternoon) of discussions with luminaries from the community organized by Binary District, a new global education center. As is traditional for events in Berlin, the time of year had thrown well-made plans into disruption, and the organizers have asked me to host a panel between all the speakers.

On the panel are Alexander Ivanov (Blockchain entrepreneur), Dmitry Meshkov (Researcher and entrepreneur), Alexander Chepurnoy (Developer), and Vlad Zamfir (Ethereum team). I was interested in digging into how enthusiastic developers take their ideas into reality with smart contracts and ‘traditional’ programming languages and infrastructure.

I wouldn’t say all my questions were exactly answered, but it was an interesting panel nonetheless. Enjoy!

Originally published at dzone.com.

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