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Blockchain projects aiming to reinvent the Supply Chain: Landscape Map

As I explained in my previous post, the supply chain industry could greatly benefit from the applications of blockchain technology. With the aid of new technology, all players in the supply chain would be able to enhance their control over the inventory through improved visibility and traceability. Distributed ledger technology would, in turn, resolve problems of disclosure and accountability as the records of transactions become extremely difficult to tamper with.

There are many exciting projects currently working towards improving the supply chain management and logistics. Below you can find the Project Ecosystem Map of all the startups to date that are focused on this sector specifically and brief overviews of exactly what each startup is aiming to achieve.

Finally, this post was inspired by the in-depth maps produced by Josh Nussbaum (Blockchain Project Ecosystem), Lawrence Lundy-Bryan (Token Ecosystem Map) and Jordan Odinsky (Logistics Market Landscape) , all of which I highly recommend taking a look at.

Ambrosus , Bext360 , Blockfreight , Blockverify , Everledger , Hijro , , Monax , Open Trade Docs , OriginTrail , Provenance , Project SmartLog (by Kouvala Innovation) , Skuchain , Sweetbridge , Tallysticks , T.Mining , Wave , Walton

Quick disclaimer: Many of the projects in this post were not blockchain based at the start of their journey, but have later converted. More information regarding each startup can be found by following the link to their website, provided above. The ecosystem map is not an endorsement of any particular project.

With blockchain technology evolving so quickly I may have missed some of the startups. Feel free to let me know about other projects, questions or feedback on Twitter @asafaryan_ 🔑

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