Blockchain Crosses the Chasmby@unicornlaunching
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Blockchain Crosses the Chasm

by MichaelMarch 6th, 2019
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not financial advice, duh
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“God Bless Blockchain.” — Jamie Dimon, CEO, JP Morgan

Jamie Dimon said WHAT!?

Police Pension Backs Morgan Creek's $40 Million Blockchain Venture Capital Fund_Police officers and other state employees in Virginia's Fairfax County will be looking forward to retirement with…

Why Digital Currencies & Stablecoins NOW?

Demographics explains 2/3 of everything. — Foote

Blockchains — the underlying technology behind many Digital Currencies like JPM Coin and Bitcoin — are Petri Nets

Blockchains that SCALE into the BILLIONS_Investors: step back from Bitcoin for a

The fourth oldest university institution in England is openly publishing its Cryptocurrency and…_I was advised against studying Bitcoin when I started my PhD. I stuck with my instincts and I ignored that advice. Best…

Zilliqa Launches Education Program In Partnership With King's College London's Blockchain Society_A public blockchain platform is teaming up with King's College London's student-run society, KCL Blockchain, to launch…

UnicornLaunching Launches Unicorns Worth Launching

not financial advice, duh

jpmorganchase/quorum_A permissioned implementation of Ethereum supporting data privacy - jpmorganchase/

Github JPM Quorum

What’s a Chasm?

Crossing the Chasm | Geoffrey Moore | BoS 2009_"I have to say if I have, to be in a business during this economy, I would want to be in a software business. A service…

Technology-adoption, technology-evolution and lifecycle-management_What's the difference between technology-adoption, technology-evolution and lifecycle-management? That's a question…

Diversifying Data With Artificial Intelligence And Blockchain Technology_Blockchain technology combined with artificial intelligence (A.I.) is helping combat narrow data sets. SinguarlityNET…

Suddenly, a new contender has emerged…

IBM Blockchain World Wire Launches in 72 Countries - Bitcoinist.com_Blockchain Today, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) announced the launch of IBM Blockchain World Wire…

Never underestimate calculus. Perhaps the singularity brings the ability to implement faster technology faster.

A Reflective Higher-order Calculus_The -calculus is not a closed theory, but rather a theory dependent upon some theory of names. Taking an operational…