Blockchain Crosses the Chasm

“God Bless Blockchain.” — Jamie Dimon, CEO, JP Morgan

Jamie Dimon said WHAT!?

“God Bless Blockchain.” — Jamie Dimon, CEO, JP Morgan
“JP Morgan announced the first live blockchain service offered by the firm… More than 75 banks have signed up to be part of IIN, the largest number of banks to join a live application of blockchain technology.”

Why did JP Morgan Choose Blockchain?

Migrate from Double-Entry to Triple-Entry Accounting System.


Cryptocurrencies vs. Fiat-backed Stablecoins vs. JPM Coin


Why Digital Currencies & Stablecoins NOW?

Demographics explains 2/3 of everything. — Foote

Blockchains — the underlying technology behind many Digital Currencies like JPM Coin and Bitcoin — are Petri Nets

UnicornLaunching Launches Unicorns Worth Launching

not financial advice, duh

Github JPM Quorum

What’s a Chasm?

Suddenly, a new contender has emerged…

Never underestimate calculus. Perhaps the singularity brings the ability to implement faster technology faster.

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