BlockArray: Redefining the Supply Chain With Block-chain Technologyby@cryptoresearch
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BlockArray: Redefining the Supply Chain With Block-chain Technology

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Coin Name : Block.array (ARY)

Total Supply : — 105,250,000 ARY

Pre Ico Price : — 1 ARY = 0.26 USD (0.00021 ETH)

Tokens/Money Raised Through ICO : — $50,000,000 OF $50,000,000 (100%)

White Paper : —

Token Type : — ERC20

Information About Block Array

Tennessee-based Block Array is introducing an integrated blockchain solution to enhance the traceability program of businesses’ supply chain operations.

By providing the infrastructure for creating vertically integrated stacks, and a system of ARY tokens to embed the product information on the Ethereum blockchain, they will provide a range of services to both businesses and consumers.

How it works

Many companies around the world, such as Amazon, Wal-mart and Ebay, require that products they handle have barcodes issued by non-profit organization G1. The information contained in a G1 barcode is limited to a company prefix and a product identification number. This information is required for large retailers to handle companies’ products, but is not enough information for a company’s supply-chain system.

Using a block chain data interface protocol (BDI), Block Array has developed the infrastructure for creating software libraries where information about a product is stored as it moves through the supply chain. Using the G1-developed EPCIS standard, the libraries will allow companies to create and share visibility event data, and express it as a URI.


With the standardized protocols, the data can be sourced from a large number of legacy systems and presented in a uniform manner. Each visibility event will also be logged on the Ethereum blockchain. This allows the data to be presented as a smart contract, enabling companies to comply with recently passed laws such as the California Transparency Supply Chain Act or the Electronic Logging Data Mandate.

The smart contract allows companies to define specific employee permissions when it comes to handling different parts of the supply chain. Combined with geofencing-based automatic triggers, this gives the company a much more granular view of the efficiency of their operations. Tracking the chain-of-custody will also enhance their ability to deal with issues like products being diverted to the grey market and keeping counterfeit goods out of the supply chain.

Adoption of the EPCIS standard will also allow for a more efficient handling of goods at Port & Harbor terminals.

Projects in development

Block Array is developing a dashboard feature for their Enterprise App that gives companies an overview of their entire supply chain.

They are also developing the Badger Mobile App, which will allow customers to directly scan barcodes from participating companies. By embedding the URI information in the G1 barcode, and anchoring it to the Ethereum blockchain, customers will have instant access to dependable information about a products origins, and it’s way from supplier to retailer.

With logistics companies signing up to the service, Block Array will aggregate the availability of unused trucking space in a localized area. This information will be used as the base to develop a virtual marketplace allowing truckers to sell that space through a peer-to-peer network.

What are the ARY tokens for

ARY tokens are not created as a speculative product. Rather they will be used within the framework created by Block Array to access and pay for services. You need ARY tokens for the following actions:

· To buy GS1 barcodes from Block Array and anchor them to the Ethereum blockchain. This is done by burning a portion of those tokens to create a time stamp.

· To participate in supply chain management system powered by Block Array (e.g. for truck drivers)

· To buy unused truck space from the peer-to-peer virtual marketplace

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Staff / Team Info :

Name : Sam Bacha

Title : Co-Founder

Bio : — B.S. Economics/Masters in Business Administration

Sam has worked at Amazon and AT&T over the last 6 years learning the business of supply chain management from an IT perspective. Sam and Micah have been friends for over 14 years, and have worked on two different startups together Go Java Python Postgres Oracle12c React/Node Javascript

LinkedIn : —

Name : Micah Osborne

Title : Co-Founder

Bio : — With over 15 years of software development experience, Micah knows how to design and execute complicated systems and the infrastructure required to support them. His last startup was Invert Game Studios where he created uFRAME, an MVVM-Design Framework for the Unity 3D Game Engine, the most popular game engine for mobile phones. uFrame was a finalist in the 2014 Unity Awards. uFrame was donated as an open-source project in 2015.

LinkedIn : —

Name : Yuri Senyut

Title : Systems Administrator/DevOps

Bio : — Yuri has worked on a variety of closed-source applications for distributed computing for large corporations. Most recently working with SS&C portfolio management solution that can support multiple asset classes, multi-currency portfolios and complex, global fund structures. Go Python Oracle 12c Oracle RAC .NET, RHE, CCNA

LinkedIn : —

Name : Joe R.

Title : Freelancer

Bio : — Mobile Developer Joe has been active in the cryptocurrency community since 2011. He has been a freelance and contract developer since 2012, working on a variety of mobile application projects across the world. Full Stack MEAN/MERN Python MySQL/PostgreSQL AWS Azure Magento Swift Xcode

Company Address :

800 Market Street, Suite 200–113

Chattanooga, TN

Block Array LLC