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Big crypto player buys £4m fleet of F1 cars with Litecoin

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Is that a dummy? Who’s supporting the helmet?

Bitcoin hogs the headlines, on this blog as much as anywhere, so let’s let Litecoin have its time in the limelight.

A Chinese man who has presumably done well in the crypto space has bought four rare F1 cars worth £4million in total — and paid for them entirely in Litecoin.

The flagship car in the fleet is the 2011 Sauber Ferrari C30 which was driven by Kamui Kobayashi to fifth place in the Monaco Grand Prix.

If you’re more used to cars losing value the second you drive them off the forecourt, it still might not be a surprise that F1 cars don’t behave in quite the same way. This deal was put together by London-based company Dadiani Syndicate, which offers unconventional investment vehicles (hey!) for high-net-worth specifically in cryptocurrencies.

If you’ve got a few million in cryptos rolling around your digital wallet, why not check out their site?


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