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20 Best Tech Twitter Threads In 2018

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@ankitkr0Ankit Kumar Singh

And all of these are a must read😃

This tweet inspired this blog post. CC: Shane Parrish

Twitter is an amazing place.

In fact, it is perhaps the greatest tool out there to build brand, communities, companies, networks and trolls.

It won’t be wrong to say that,

Twitter is a meta-mind.

Infact, my biggest Twitter Fantasy(😜) is this tweet by Arjun Balaji coming true.

With no more bullshit from me, here we go ahead with a list of best Twitter Threads of 2018:-

1. How To Get Rich(without getting lucky) by Naval Ravikant

2. Upcoming Mainstream Fields/Sectors/Skill-sets Who Look Dumb Now by Erik Torenberg

3. On Vertically Integrated Technology Companies by James Wang

4. Erik Torenberg on Career Loops

5. Ameen Soleimani on Religion

6. Untaught truths of Adulthood by Alexander J.A Cortes

7. Patrick O'Shaughnessy on How he Choose Books

8. A Meta-Thread of Tons of Book Summaries by Douglas Craig

9. Naval Ravikant on “What is Twitter?”

10. Andrew Chen on Marketplace Startups

11. Suhail Doshi on Acquiring First Customers for Your Startup

12. Again, Suhail Doshi on first 18 Months of a Startup

13. Andrew Ruiz on Peter Thiel

14. How Much Data Facebook and Google Store About You by Dylan Curran

15. David Perell on Marketing

16. Amjad Masad gives out some Reading Tips

17. Josh Wolfe on China vs Facebook/Google

18. Mircea Macavei‏ on What Occupies Our Mental Space

19. Again, David Perell on How Internet Will Transform Education

20. Yorick de Mombynes‏ thread on The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous

That’s it for now. I will be updating this blog post with more threads from 2018 as I come across more of them.

Watch out for this space.

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