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Best JavaScript Resources Collection: 2020 Edition 🚲

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@justaashirAashir Aamir Khan

Front End Web Developer ♥

These are my personal picks of learning JavaScript in 2020, I picked all of these resources myself, most of them are my favorites and I also used them while learning.
This was originally a long thread on twitter, later I made a post about it.
This list is very much opinionated, and I must have skipped so many resources so feel free to feature them by replying me on my twitter. 🤞

Tania Rascia's Blog

She is super awesome, If you love written posts, Tania Rascia got it covered in her amazing blog Grinning face
There are a total of 43 Posts, on JavaScript (Basic to Advanced) Check it out, and I bet you'll love it. There are more than just Javascript on her blog.

The Modern Javascript Tutorial

One of the best, and the most complete tutorial series to date. I love 💘 it because it's a modern approach, brief but simple explanations. It's also available in different languages through translations. It's currently serving me as my reference guide. Please Contribute to the project, by supporting it through $

JavaScript30 by Wes Bos

It's a fun, engaging, and super cool video series of 30 videos, by one of my favorite content creators. It's unique on its own, as it doesn't follow the traditional learning procedure. I highly recommend it if you want to have more interest in JavaScript specifically.

Books 📚

If you ask for a book, there are two that worth lots of respect! They are also available for free, but I highly recommend you to please support the authors.


Learning JavaScript theory is not enough, to achieve mastery! You've to make some real-world projects, to get into bugs, and then solve it.
@traversymedia got a Udemy course for you.

Some more resources

This is completely opinionated and it's not really related to learning JavaScript, it's to improve your code and make it consistent.
It's a brief list of some of the best practices to follow while writing JavaScript and it's not one-time-visit learning. Bookmark this ⭐
Some of the Posts I loved, and worth mentioning:

Videos 📺

One of my most memorable video about JavaScript that really changed my perspective of working with JS 💘


I'll also start working on a micro-saas in a few days + there are few more plans. If you want to join me in this journey, I'm active on twitter from day one and never took an off. So be sure to follow me, it's @justaashir


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