I Made A Game for my Girlfriend as a Gift for Our Anniversary. You Can Do it Too by@lazar.gugleta

I Made A Game for my Girlfriend as a Gift for Our Anniversary. You Can Do it Too

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So you decided to create something amazing for someone you love and have zero ideas about what you should do. Well, look no more, since I am about to walk you through making your first quiz game, that amazes everyone.

As my first anniversary with my girlfriend was coming up, I had to think of something pretty darn good. I study computer science, so naturally, it made sense to include my skills from everyday educational life. While thinking about it, I knew I wanted to make something related to us as a couple, but also to fun and easy to “play.”

And here is what I’ve come up with:

Smart phone App. Quiz. Rewards.

Seems pretty straightforward, right? It is actually. All your partner has to do is open fields, do a little riddle (that would make sense for your relationship) and you reward them with a gift.

We are done talking, let’s begin with the project.

Writing down ideas for questions and rewards

Take a piece of paper and immediately start writing everything that you can come up with related to you and them. Make funny jokes but also leave some space for mystery and let them guess what could be the reward.

This gift can be made of many smaller gifts, such as flowers, a necklace, candy, and so on.

App itself

I created this app in Android Studio. It is free to use and pretty easy to install and setup.

Create a new project


Welcome Screen of Android Studio

When you open AS, Start a new Android Studio project.

It will ask you next, what kind of project you want, and you should begin with an “Empty Activity.”


Types of Projects

You can name your project, select the location, and also tell AS, which android version you want and it tells you how compatible the devices would be.


Project configuration


Chart of android devices

When you set up everything, click Finish and that is all, a new window will open and get you started.

Beginning of the project

Once you begin, there are no limits, everything in the Studio is available to you, and your imagination has to be something that widens the horizons of your app and gets that wow effect!

Crucial things in Android Studio are Pallete and File Overview.


Add elements from the Pallete and view every file (Activity, Layout, String, Image…).

As far as my ideas go, I will propose the next things:

Welcome screen

Make them feel at home and tell them how much you love them with a little message and add a button to enter the game.


Also, add a background image and make it warmer.

When you go to another screen, you should create a new activity and for the best for it to be empty again.


Right-click on layouts to create a new one.


Fields of questions. Create a lot of buttons on the screen and let them open new screens after clicking on those. The same thing with opening new activity as before, just create a new activity and name it well!


This is from the app that I created and how it might look for you as well, but feel free to create your own ideas!

Amongst the gifts and questions that can hide behind the fields in the quiz, what you can do is put a short message, pouring your heart out if that is something you like!

And after the short message and telling them how much you love them, add some favorite couple pictures as a slide show, which is also pretty easy.

Last words of motivation

If this is your first time programming, it might get frustrating and do not worry since that is what comes with it. Nevertheless, stay determined and do not give up. Google everything.

Hope you like the app idea and I hope you have nice time together after making something awesome!

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